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Ronny Chieng - The Ron Way

By the end of his show, the entire audience knew that Ronny Chieng’s decision to reject an illustrious corporate job was the best decision he’s ever made. Stand-up comedy is his territory, and we could certainly do with more comics like Chieng. The Melbourne-based Chinese Malaysian is on a pursuit to make Chinese people cool again (yes, the Chinese were once cool, Chieng assures, stating Bruce Lee.
He draws out the stereotypes, suggests hilarious methods of ridding lame habits and gives a detailed explanation of why Asian parents love their kids more than other parents despite possessing a disturbed understanding of discipline. Chieng’s jokes about disciplinary abuse had the audience rocking back and forth, both with shock and roars of laughter. Chieng is as charming and friendly as he is intense and tenacious.
His outrageous bicycle accident in Perth is another standout section of his show as he rips into everything from the city’s tourist repellents to points attained by scars. Chieng is engaging and powerful as a performer because he’s insistent, self-deprecating, original and a genuine rebel. 

Ronny Chieng performs The Ron Way at Trades Hall’s The Evatt Room at 7.30pm (Tue-Sat) and 6.30pm on Sundays until April 22.