More Tickets For Bear

While most famous for his television work – notably the worldwide smash Man vs. Wild – Grylls will be doing things differently this September. For the first time ever, the renowned daredevil will be opening up to his fans on stage, across three Australian capital cities. His opening show in Sydney has already sold out, while his Perth show is in hot demand.
Tickets for his Melbourne concert, meanwhile, are fast running out.
Don’t expect Grylls’ audience to be entirely male-dominated, though. After all, he was featured in People Magazine’s ‘Sexiest Men’ list, and is fast becoming one of the world’s most recognisable faces.
Fittingly titled A Wild Night with Bear Grylls, the live show will feature interviews with the entertaining adventurer. It will also showcase rare footage of Grylls, as he tackles some of the world’s most intimidating locales.
Australian comedian Merrick Watts, better known for his teamwork with fellow funny-man Tim Ross, will be hosting the event. So long as he doesn’t remain starstruck, Watts hopes to entertain the crowd whilst conversing with one of his biggest heroes.
Fans will be hoping that Watts can do better than a lame pun. Earlier this year, an anonymous female news journalist ended a news report on a cringe-worthy note.
“It will take more than grilling to get this bear grizzly,” stated the unapologetic journo, in one of Australian television’s more forgettable moments.
One can only wonder what the Bear himself would make of such a weak effort.

More tickets have just been released for A Wild Night with Bear Grylls  which will be taking place at the Melbourne Convention Centre on Saturday September 3. Limited balcony seats are now available for $85. Tickets can be booked at ticketmaster.com.au
Man vs. Wild can be watched on The Discovery Channel, every Sunday at 6.30pm.