Felicity Ward : The Iceberg


Sharp lines, goofy faces and a total willingness to go all in for a joke making a boob of herself, Felicity Ward delivers a knockout show. From Australia’s lack of talent at singing at sports but proficiency at sculpting watermelon helmets through to racism and relationships, Ward gives it her all and her all is hilarious.
Sharp gags are counterpointed with wide-eyed innocence and the show rollicks along, the audience swept up in her infectious enthusiasm. The only misstep is that she is shackled by a self-imposed adherence to the “festival show must have a theme” school of thought.
Ward returns to her icebergs when she doesn’t need to, she has in fact iceberged herself by giving over 10 per cent of a set that is 90 per cent fantastic. The show is at its best when she is banging out her A+ material without forcing it to conform. Felicity Ward has talent, charm and gags to spare. Iceberg is a good time show, the only reason not to see it is if you are a horrible person that hates being happy.

Felicity Ward: The Iceberg is currently playing at ACMI - The Cube until April 20 (Melbourne Town Hall - Powder Room on Monday).