Emily Taylor : Pet


Well, this show is just adorable.
Emily Taylor has a bunch of awards under her belt, and within a few seconds of Pet’s start, it’s fairly obvious why. Her physical ability to morph her face and body into the shape of another – person, slobbering hound or libidinous guinea pig – is compelling, and oddly hilarious.
As a veteran of the improv scene, and with over a decade of experience as an actor and solo artist, Taylor has strong comedic timing and impeccable stage presence. And with our beloved furry and feathered friends as her theme, she can hardly go wrong.
Structurally, it’s a fairly simple show: a mix of stand-up, storytelling, expert impressions and non-threatening audience interaction. But Taylor performs it all with such genial aplomb that it feels fresh. It’s definitely entertaining.
From her own youthful adventures in animal husbandry to a climactic inter-species rap battle, she pitches from delightful to quizzical, from charming to ludicrous. With an imagination as dexterous as her face muscles, she conjures extraordinary characters that frequently draw from a well of sometimes-depressing truth.
Ultimately, Pet is a savvy and insightful hour of fun from a thoroughbred performer. If you’ve ever had a pet, you’ll find something to love here.

Emily Taylor: Pet is currently playing at the Portland Hotel - Locker Room until April 20 (except Mondays).