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Dom Romeo - Stand-Up Sit-Down: Comics in Conversation

Australia’s leading comedy ‘nerd’ Dom Romeo brings a refreshing addition to this year’s MICF with this interview-based show which features a different guest each night. Romeo interviews extremely well, ensuring the limelight is always casted on his guest.

Tim Ferguson was the comic of honour on this particular evening, discussing the impact that Multiple Sclerosis has had on his life, and his comedy writing projects, as well as his new stand-up show, Carry a Big Stick. The dynamic between Romeo and Ferguson is relaxed, and it is clear these two are already acquainted.
Much of the 50 minute exchange is spent with Romeo probing questions about the Doug Anthony All Stars in which Ferguson, along with Paul McDermott and Richard Fidler, had phenomenal success that spanned ten years. The partying, the women and the difficulties of obtaining illegal drugs in foreign countries were favourite topics.
It’s obvious that Romeo is a fan of the All Stars, as he brings much of the conversation back to Ferguson in his heyday. Ferguson doesn’t seem to mind.
“I was a bit arrogant. That’s ‘cause we were the shit.”
Ferguson expresses his dislike for Fitzroy residents’ political views, saying that they don’t understand what they’re voting for. The self-proclaimed “last Labour voter in Australia” is relentless, and tells an audience member with their hand raised in disagreement not to even bother challenging him on this one.
His frustrations also consist of Australian filmmakers who don’t really make films ‘about’ anything, as well as short films as an art form – “Just get off your ass and make a feature film”. He doesn’t seem to mind if he does offend, though his manner is by no means aggressive.
This late-night little gem of the festival is worth checking out, and many other big-names are scheduled to appear in the coming weeks.