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Dave Thornton - The Some Of All The Parts

What does one say when asked to speak to a class of 12-year-old kids? This was the conundrum that Dave Thornton recently faced and he takes us through the entire journey – the stressful anticipation and the result. It’s an interesting theme, but it holds more meaning in hindsight. That would also explain Thornton’s appeal.
Thornton is undoubtedly a likeable and witty entertainer, but he doesn’t mind a cheap bottle of crudeness sometimes, either. When he delivers them boldly, it’s an absolute gem – namely, his impersonation of Africa’s reaction to the global financial crisis of the West. Thornton is a smart individual, but he’s simply a crowd pleaser tonight.
Thornton’s attempts at arrogance are hilarious because of his obvious lack of it and his stories about his brother’s medical condition and a dream interview with his ultimate hero are touching. He has the crowd in hysterics when talking about flirtation cues and his mother’s sex education classes, but his wit shines more in his analysis of humanity and those off-kilter one-liners.