Al's Music Rant - The Difficult Second Album

Have you ever wondered if parents know what Katy Perry is singing to their kids? Ever thought Jimi Hendrix’s death at 27 might have saved him from a fate similar to Carlos Santana? Are you concerned about an industry that allows Rebecca Black to exist? Al’s Music Rant: The Difficult Second Album can help you. 

Al Newstead is a freelance music journalist and blogger turned comedian who has faced what many bands struggle with; a follow up to a successful debut. After rave reviews from his first comedy show, Newstead had six months to come up with fresh, funny material for a second show. It’s a fantastic follow up, more Arcade Fire’s Neon Bible than The Killer’s Sam’s Town.
Newstead is a walking, talking, opinionated juke box with music knowledge that will blow you away. Equally confident doing jokes, impersonations, musical lessons on slideshow, dancing or performing his very amusing covers, Al’s Music Rant is accessible for all. It’s a highly energetic and involved hour in a smallish venue making it almost impossible to leave this gig without feeling buzzed. If you’re a music fan, you’ll also feel validation for your issues with the music industry. Al is the inner monologue of a frustrated music lover, only heaps funnier and rocks out on guitar.
Newstead’s critiques of the commercial music industry avoid pretentiousness by making sure references are understandable to all. His observations range from worst lyrics of the year, singers who sound like children throwing a tantrum (amazing), Rebecca Black and everything about her, auto-tune, the 27 Club, worst music collaborations and a flow chart to determine whether a song is terrible. A side note: If it’s by Ke$ha, it’s probably terrible.  
Newstead is a confident, likeable performer who ensures his observations are fun, his criticisms are backed up and he might just add a little rap or three in for good measure.

You can catch Al’s Music Rant: The Difficult Second Album at Trades Hall (The Evatt Room) until April 22 as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival