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Tom Gleeson - Up Himself

Tom Gleeson is a cross between an IT manager and a filthy minded teenager. Wandering on stage with his balding ginger tinged dome and business shirt and tie combination he doesn't send the excitement juices racing. Yet just as you are settling in for a lecture on the hard-wiring of your IG Processor Gleeson hands out some handy advice for those attempting bestiality, sound effects associated with an abortion and the skills needed to win a shower poo fight.

He really doesn't hold back when it comes to the squelchier issues of life. Yet the strange thing is that he dishes it all up in such a fashion that it seems quite passe. Obviously due to his frequent appearances on Good News Week, The 7PM Project and The Morning Show he has harnessed the ability to make his audience readily lap up whatever he offers.
Gleeson aims his content at the everyday man and he nails all the topics you might expect at a good barbeque – footy, politics, dogs, stories about his wife and a smattering of Dad's jokes. How he manages to blend this so seamlessly with the goeyer stuff is impressive but the effect is somewhat hollow. Imagine being given a back massage through a sleeping bag – all the moves might be right but you can't really feel the person who's giving it to you. Still, a rub in the sack is always a good thing and likewise Gleeson is certainly good for the laughs.
If Gleeson was a VHS at a video store in the 90's he would have an 'Easy Pleaser' sticker stuck to him. You may not feel him like a poke to the eye but he will make you giggle like a feather to the rectum.