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Fiona Scott Norman – Disco: The Vinyl Solution

Fiona Scott Norman has a wealth of music knowledge and a point to prove. As a DJ for the last twenty years she has been at the forefront of the changing music scenes as and is well aware of the implications. Due to the popularity of electronic dance music and the always too loud doof doof beat, ladies and fellas are having trouble dancing with each other and talking is out of the question. So instead of communicating, people drink more and then get into fights. In the days of yesteryear partner dancing was the social norm which happened to be conducive to forming relationships.


Now though, dancing with a girl, ironically enough, can see one labeled 'gay'. According to Fiona it is only due to ecstasy and other drugs which enable people to form relationships on a night out.


While not as funny as penises, poo or projectile vomit it is certainly much more interesting. Fiona's show is jammed packed with poignant and well thought out insights into music and it's affect on society. It makes you think about Holocaust survivors using disco for revenge, seven year old girls dancing sex moves from film clips and what tunes will be played in a nursing home in 40 years time. This is all presented in a unique mix of video, music and dance and keeps the audience captured throughout the whole show.


Don't get me wrong there are jokes in the show too, but they play second fiddle to the content which keeps you thinking long after last note has been played. Disco: The Vinyl Solution is well worth a look in but it may help to view it as an amusing musical lecture then a straight piece of stand up.

Venue: Arthur's Bar at Rosati, 95 Flinders Lane When: Tue-Sat 9:30pm, Sun 8:30pm (60 mins) Bookings: Ticketmaster 1300 660 013 & at the door Prices: Full $23.90