The Bad Boys of Musical Theatre - A Fine Bromance

Mixing hip hop, dance and any classic musical hit that will showcase their fantastic voices they take the audience on a colourful journey.
There is no doubt that these lads are at home on the stage and that they have the skills to pack an only slightly effeminate punch. That being said it is very much in the music theatre realm. Expect over the top performances, camp dance moves and don't bank on the laughs coming in rapid fire. Despite the enthusiastic delivery the lyrical thrust failed to find its mark on the audience and some witty one liners went largely unnoticed.
The finest musical effort (after a cover of a song from the show Scrubs) was served up near the end and the Bad Boys should be praised for the almost impossible number of pop culture duo references crammed into it. Like a pimple on a hormonal teenager these boys are oozing talent and charisma but their show doesn't burst with a memorable moment. Their banter managed to glue the song numbers together but it wasn't enough to really impress.
Thankfully the musical accompaniment and multimedia support the leading cast helpfully and the one hour show doesn't ever become painful. While not perfect it certainly passes as entertainment, but don't expect laugh a minute stand up or your expectations may be bro-ken.