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Tommy Little - Has No Answers

Jovial, energetic and reliably entertaining, Tommy Little resembles the friend that will happily accompany you to any function ... if it's not a political forum or educational seminar. But that's not to say that Little doesn't delve into any serious issues; he just doesn't feel as intellectually capable as his peers to do so.

Therefore, bringing up racism is about as serious as it gets, as Little feels undoubtedly more comfortable with less stringent subject matter. His commentary on the ignorance of Australian tourists frequenting Thailand was hilarious as was his assessment of Snoop Dogg's between song banter. The title of Little's show refers to his startling realisation that "old thoughts" have crept into his mind yet he doesn't feel any wiser.
Little's speciality is his sharp, observational style and audience participation was a highlight tonight - Little's quick-witted responses to his attentive audience provided some of the loudest laughs. His buoyantly fun, slightly twisted and humorous interpretations of simple, non-life changing moments are where his strengths lie. Impersonations of inebriated nights and tales of supermarket situations are hardly riveting subject matter, but Little infuses those commonalities with his trademark liveliness and witty proclamations.
Little's rather elongated tale of the mysterious "Panda Bear" wasn't entirely engaging or compelling, but like much of the show, it was his affable personality and consistently witty banter that gave the show its relaxed and pleasurable air. For those looking for some light-hearted reprieve from a dreary day, Little would serve as a reliably entertaining choice.