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Michael Chamberlin - Things I Haven't Done

Michael Chamberlin possesses an acute awareness of life's harrowing realities, but his boyish demeanour emits the heartening innocence of an individual less than half his age. Chamberlin is as capable of narrating life through the unblemished perception of a naive child as he is of relating the state of society through the eyes of a cynical professor bemoaning the inevitability of human stupidity driving his wearisome self into an early grave. Chamberlin doesn't hide behind a stage persona or confident facade - his vulnerability and self-deprecatory disposition are omnipresent, and it lends his jokes and narratives a deeply affecting honesty.
Having discovered a deep ambition to remove himself completely from his comfort zone, Chamberlin set out on several first-time ventures including marching at the Mardi Gras and begging on the street. Anyone who has the humility to sit on cold pavement and beg for money in order to experience - in some little manner - the life of a real beggar is admirable. This experience proffered insight into what it is to be ignored and rendered insignificant, and more importantly - his favourite topic of all: the sheer amount of arseholes that one encounters on any given day. This leads to one of his best jokes about the prospects of having a "Tell Someone They're An Arsehole Day".
Chamberlin also attended speech therapy sessions for the first time and points out the irony of doing so as a stand-up comedian with endearing hilarity. The Melbourne-based comic has always had a lisp but summoned the courage to see a speech therapist alongside underage individuals after numerous screenings of The King's Speech. Chamberlin's humour is full of intriguing observations, impassioned storytelling and unexpected gems. He's the kind of comedian that you will remember and appreciate long after the last laugh.