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Russell McGilton - Accidents Are Prohibited On This Road

Cheery, open venue – tick. Personable comedian – tick. A slideshow, unbelievable travel stories and whiz-bang features such as sound clips – tick. It’s not high-tech, but Accidents Are Prohibited has the good-natured soul of a comedy show born of years of travel memories.

That being said, if you’ve never gone anywhere, you can’t really sympathise with Russell McGilton, a guy who’s been chased by a machete-wielding con man in Africa. Nor can you feel any empathy with his story of fleeing Australia at a young age to escape his bonkers Argentinian ex-girlfriend.
He may have escaped the country, but apparently he can’t escape the crazy chicks, especially once he meets someone who thinks he’s happy to trade a bed for a little honky-tonky; there’s no escape for the audience as he starts describing her voluminous breasts and mimics his lover’s Afrikaan accent. McGilton’s not bad at the accents; while they’re a little too heavily imbued with stereotype, they seem to work for this kind of show.
With that in mind, at points it still feels like the multicultural audience could be coming in for a bit of a slagging. A long joke about Scots, for example, might have made the poor Scottish guy in the audience cringe a little. But the hard knocks even out as Australians get a fairly hefty session of roasting, thanks to Russell’s ultra-ocker travel mate. He’s the average Australian’s nightmare – Blundstone boots, rugby jumper, loud voice and an unswerving love of his dear old Woy Woy.
Russell McGilton’s Accidents Are Prohibited On This Road will ring true for anyone who’s ever been stuck in the kind of situations only encountered outside of your native country. It’s a solid show with a careful structure and a naturally relaxed attitude that helps, especially when you’re relating your own sometimes-disastrous overseas adventures.