Wayne Deakin - At Least At Gallipoli There Were No Seppos

It’s late on a Tuesday night (it’s after 8pm and we’ve all got to work tomorrow!) when Wayne Deakin comes to the stage. The words start to roll out of his mouth and I’m instantly relaxed, you can just sense when you’ve got some good comedy coming your way. 
Deakin chats to the audience like he’s the funny guy at a party. Relaxed and full of banter, Deakin interacts with the audience, arms flailing with dramatic effect. The best part? He’s having fun! No nerves need apply.  
Now, this isn’t a review full of spoilers that leaves the actual going to the show redundant. If you want to check it out – do so.  Will you like? Well, I can’t play compare the comedians because all are different, but, if you enjoy observational humour that touches on real issues and makes them funny rather than annoying, shocking, scary, then you’re probably a perfect match for Deakin. Not in the dating sense, the audience sense. 
Back to the theatre and back to reality. The show comes to an end and the lights come up, I glance around at the small, but chuffed, audience and notice they all have that look – the one that says “my jaw hurts from laughing, fuck that was funny”.   Good work, Deaks.