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Geraldine Quinn - You're The Voice

As one of the lucky recipients of this year's Moosehead Awards, Geraldine Quinn's new show, You're The Voice is brought to you with the added support of renowned comedy songwriter Casey Bennetto, and when you realise that the show involves Quinn performing glorified karaoke dressed in a cabaret uniform, you would have to question whether she needs any help. Or maybe, if she does need help, perhaps a psychiatrist could be of more use? She is a self diagnosed Anthemaniac, and from what I have seen in tonight's performance, she's got it real bad.


I have to admit that when the door closed, and there was only 16 of us (yes, I counted!), it was disheartening. It's a hard one to judge; is it quiet because it's a Wednesday night, or is it a judgment on the quality of the show. I would sincerely hope it is the former. However, don't let that make you think that we received a lacklustre performance; in fact, the opposite could be said. As soon as the lights come up, we are treated to a performance that would be fitting of a venue twice the size. Quinn has a magnificent voice, and no point during the show does it waver. Her songs are filled with witty observations, and genuine pathos, and after one particularly heartrending ballad, she has to assure the crowd that she is OK; it's only a song. The highlight of the show comes when we are treated to Quinn's seven-minute rock opera about the Festival. Switching from character to character at a rate of knots; it is utterly beguiling.


The real problems of the show lie in it's theme, and who it is aimed at; the show comes from the perspective of a performer who has moved home at the age of 35 and coming to terms with fact that their hopes have not been realised. The thing is the crowd in tonight's performance were generally 40+. Now, this is probably not always the case, but in terms of demographics, I'm not sure how successful a cabaret act about living at home with your parents is going to be. I also found that due to the breakneck speed of some of the songs, it was difficult to take in the lyrics. This could be down to the PA, but if you are going to write amusing/insightful lyrics, why not present them in a manner that allows the audience to appreciate them?