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David O’Doherty performs Somewhere Over The David O’Doherty


2011 hasn't started too well, has it? What with the earthquake in Christchurch, and the Earthquake/Tsunami/Nuclear meltdown in Japan, not to mention the tension in North Africa. It would be easy to come to the conclusion that, as a race, we are pretty fucked. Add to this mix the demonic ramblings of people like Alex Jones, who will only be vindicated when we are living in nuclear bunkers 50 feet under the ground listening to his rhetoric about New World Orders. There seems to be no respite from it all. But, salvatian has come, and it is wearing a very fetching sweater; "In my latest show I solve all of the major problems in the world. Every single one. Think of one. Yep, I solve it... Or try to solve it. Also I play songs on a tiny keyboard. And wear a cape."

Now in his 12th year in stand up, David O'Doherty is now part of the comedy elite. Having won the if.comedy award at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2008, and joining the likes of Dylan Moran, Steve Coogan and Brendan Burns, he needs to merely add his name to at a festival bill to sell out shows.

However, that is no reason to assume that he is going to rest on his laurels. Since 2008, O'Doherty has completed his first major tour of the UK, featured at Edinburgh, Montreal, and Adelaide festivals, and also hosted UK comedy panel show Never Mind The Buzzcocks. Although O'Doherty's career has really taken off over the last few years, it has been the result of several years labour, David confesses that "you have to be careful in that situation because you win one of those newcomer competitions with seven minutes of material and suddenly people want to book you for hour long shows. It took me about three years to get a decent hour together and seven years to achieve this level of fame."

This year, he returns with his latest show, Somewhere Over The David O'Doherty, a show which debuted at the Edinburgh Fringe in August 2010 to rave reviews with Chortle enthusing "This show is pure entertainment, no message, no manifesto, no therapy; you just want him to keep flinging out the ideas." The show deals with all encompassing issues such as Shakira, the idea of happiness, and bicycles. Armed with his tiny keyboard, and array of excellent jumpers, he is one of the most endearing comedians you are likely to find at this year's festival. Speaking of his time in Melbourne "I seem to get ill a lot during the festival. Last year I had a bacterial stomach infection, and before that I got some kind of knock out flu... but, Melbourne is very well organised and the audiences really seem to respond to strange ideas."

O'Doherty's burgeoning success has not only been restricted to festival slots and the occasional TV appearance. In 2009, he co-wrote the book 100 Facts About Pandas with such insights as “A blindfolded Panda will always head North.” This is due to the high Iron content in the Panda's liver, which makes the animal slightly magnetic.

"We have just finished the follow up to our panda facts book and it is facts about sharks. Nicholas Cage's middle name is Shark." This is not the only writing work he has been involved with. "In the press release for my new show that I wrote last November, I asked people to hassle me about this children's book I was starting to write, thinking it would encourage me to keep going. It is still one quarter written and now being asked about it MAKES ME SO ANGRY!"


David O’Doherty performs Somewhere Over The David O’Doherty at The Forum Theatre Upstairs from March 31 – April 24. It’s at 7.30pm Tuesday – Saturday and 6.30pm on Sundays. Tickets are $25.50 - $36 and available through Ticketmaster online, 1300 660 013 and at the door.