Fear Of A Brown Planet perform Fear Of A Brown Planet Attacks


If you like your comedy with a confrontational edge, look no further than Fear Of A Brown Planet. Immigration, race relations, the War on Terror, Islam and growing up brown in white Australia - stand up comedians Aamer Rahman and Nazeem Hussain are here to give their voice to such charged topics.

The duo call themselves Fear of A Brown Planet and in 2008 collected the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Best Newcomer Award. They’re back this year with a new show called Fear of A Brown Planet Attacks.

It’s traditional stand-up performed separately,” Hussain says of the structure of the show. “We write together and clearly the stuff we talk about is identical in terms of the perspective, we both politically come from the same place, religiously, culturally, in lots of ways. There’s lots in common but our approach to delivering the comedy is quite different,” he says.

Aamer is a little bit more, maybe confrontational or aggressive, and I sort of lull them into some sort of false sense of security before he scares them further,” Hussain laughs. Hussain, who when not on stage is soon to be a qualified lawyer and is a board member of the Islamic Council of Victoria, says the pair welcome more than just laughter as a reaction to what they have to say.

He says they don’t seek to be controversial or offensive, but understands that some people might find what they have to say confronting. “I guess we’re speaking to our community first. For people who haven’t thought outside their own box, listening to some of the things that we talk about might seem confrontational, might seem shocking or new or fresh or whatever. The problem with our society is that we often don’t listen to the people that we talk so much about,” he says, referring to a recently released poll that indicated almost half the Australian population didn’t think Muslims fit in. Hussain says that even though a conversation about Muslims might be happening publicly, Muslims are rarely given an opportunity to speak for themselves or are even asked. “So I think in a way artists have always been able to provide that space, or create that space, for voices that aren’t heard and that’s why stand up comedy is such a powerful medium because it gives that space to minority voices, so that’s kind of where we come from”.



Fear Of A Brown Planet perform Fear Of A Brown Planet Attacks at Melbourne Town Hall’s Lower Town Hall from March 31 – April 24 at 9.45pm on Monday April 18 and at The Bosco at 7pm Tuesday – Saturday and 6pm Sundays. Tickets are $20 - $25 and available through Ticketmaster online, 1300 660 013 and at the door.