The curious case of 21 Savage's nationality

And more hip hop news this week.

She’s still riding high off the success of the Queen record and, as her

Are Fallujah about to release the most adventurous metal album of 2019?

The lead single has been met with polarising critique as punters adapt to the absence of former vocalist Alex Hoffman.

San Francisco’s Fallujah formed around simple deathcore roots in 2007, but began to showcase something truly arresting

Hip hop dominated this year's Hottest 100

And more hip hop news this week.

Music’s biggest countdown, the triple j Hottest 100, went down yesterday, with the votes revealing just who listeners have been vibing o

How millennials are changing the music industry

From the genesis of streaming to the vinyl boom and rising festival attendances, the wheel is certainly turning.

Their way with technology and active social media use have made it easy for millennials to be a disruptive force in virtually all aspect

The epic Rainbow Serpent arrives this weekend and other electronic music news

Planete takes over Section 8 while Lounge continues the countdown to its final night.

It’s the first long-weekend of the year, which, as it has for 22 years now, means it’s Rainbow Serpent Festival time.

This Greek food truck is the answer to your late-night munchies

Located right in the Fitzroy hood.

What do you crave after a night on the town?

The success of 'A Star Is Born' and 'Bohemian Rhapsody' will see more music movies in 2019

Welcome to part two of our 2019 music industry predictions.


2019 could see longer albums, but shorter songs

Among other music industry predictions for 2019.


Four albums to get excited for in 2019

Gizz, Stella, Danny Brown and Xiu Xiu land on the list.

As with every year, it feels like everything is happening faster in 2019.

Hip Hop this week: When will Kanye West surprise us next?

It's been a good seven months since he revealed Ye.

When will we hear new music from Kanye West?

What's going to win the Hottest 100 and what deserves more votes

Paying homage to the underappreciated bangers.

Voting for Triple J's Hottest 100 this year has officially closed and it's safe to say the vast majority of Aussies will be sinking a ti

Four concert tours Australia needs in 2019

Justin Vernon's cherished band heads the list.

We’re only a few weeks into the New Year, and it’s already shaping up to be a good one for live music.

Metal this week: UNIFY Gathering saw Harm's Way return in a big way

It was a blistering set from the American metal outfit.

Recently I made the trek down to South Gippsland for the annual UNIFY Gathering.

Hip Hop this week: Missy Elliott becomes first female rapper in Songwriters Hall of Fame

She joins the likes of Jay Z and Jermaine Dupri on the prestigious list.

With a brand new year of music and the odd rap beef and scandal undoubtedly in the mix for 2019, the hip hop world is already churning with achieve

Electronic this week: James Blake just announced a new album out of the blue

Cheeky stuff by the alluring producer. 

After a few weeks of rumours and a little bit of guerilla-style marketing, it’s now been confirmed that everyone’s favourite purveyor of

Leonardo's Pizza Palace has to be your first Italian food venture for 2019

The pizza is oh so cheesy; but oh so good.

Welcome Beat readers, to a brand new you, erm I mean year. How are your New Year’s resolutions panning out?

Some of the best punk-rock records created by women

From Sleater-Kinney to Screaming Females. 

Like many styles of music and industries, it’s an unfortunate reality that much of the content and channels of creation and promotion are created a

Remembering 2018, a radical year for the metal music genre

Festivals made a comeback in the genre and so did some crucial bands.

Ah, Christmas. The most metal time of year is upon us.

The music industry's winners and losers of 2018

It was a year of epic highs and lows.


Three 2018 hip hop releases that took the world by storm

A bit of Childish Gambino, Pusha T and The Carters for you.

2018 was a big year for hip hop.

Artists set to light up the Aussie music industry in 2019

Who's about to make a name for themselves?

As we approach the end of 2018, with so many big eruptions from bands and artists this past year, it’s time to look for

The Best Punk Rock Shows in 2018 (that I attended)

It was a magnificent year for punk music.

The punk rock scene in Melbourne in 2018 showed no signs of slowing down, with countless local and international shows on every week all around thi

Beat Eats’ Best Finds of 2018

Digesting the best food from 2018.

Seeing as everybody on the earth is wrapping things up for the year, I thought I might as well do the same and share my favourite food that I’ve di

Electronic this week: A new music sharing platform and gigs to hit up this weekend

Californian techno queen Avalon Emerson launched a new website service last weekend that’s so simple it’s genius (and k

Metal releases to keep an ear out for in 2019

We’ve certainly had a gigantic output of sick heavy metal records in 2018, but while the year is nearly over, 2019 is already looming st

The Best Punk Rock Albums of 2018

Since no one releases albums this late into the year (and anyone that does is dumb), I felt it was time to look back on some of my favou

Hip Hop this week: Lil Pump pulled from FOMO lineup

For 18-year-old rapper Lil Pump, the last month has been a hectic one, to say the least.

Industry this week: Radiomakers meet to discuss getting more Aussie music on the air

Are we hearing more Australian music on commercial radio?

At commercial radio’s conference Radio Alive in Melbourne in spring, delegates blinked at a strange sight – executives from the music in

Rita's Cafeteria offers the perfect happy hour treats

Nothing pairs together more romantically than summer nights and happy hours.

Hip hop this week: Kendrick and Cardi B lead Grammy nominations while Ice Cube is back

21 Savage has also jumped on the new Mortal Kombat trailer.

Cardi B, Kendrick Lamar and Childish Gambino lead 2019 Grammy nominations