Punk: your must-see festival sets

There's a storm of festivals coming to Melbourne this summer - prepare yourself and get familiar with the cream of the crop.

With Download Festival announcing its return in early 2019, plus an increasing multitude of smaller festivals popping up all aroun

Hip Hop: newcomers, veterans and returners

Savour The Rations, Lupe Fiasco, and Third Floor.

They’re being called Australia’s answer to Brockhampton – hip hop collective Savour The Rations have exploded onto the scene with

Industry: the Amrap investigation

Community radio looks to future after Amrap investigation.

Amrap (the Australian Music Radio Airplay Project), which distribute new local music to community radio stations for the past 18 y

Beat Eats: Melbourne's best antipasto

Too late for lunch, too early for dinner - a tale as old as time. Georgia Spanos has you covered with one word: antipasto.

There’s often an hour, between the late afternoon and early evening, when hunger pains kick in, but it’s still far too early to enjoy your last mea

Find out why Carmouflage Rose is one of our favourites, and other hip hop news

It’s been 11 years since the release of Kanye West’s third studio album, Graduation.

Punk Rock Cover Songs: What Worked and What Didn’t

Although the era of the punkified cover of a non-punk song reached its commercial zenith in the wallet-chained moshpits of the ‘90s, punk rock has a long history with bringing outside influences and songs into the punk realm. 

While this was most notably prevalent in the skate/pop-punk scene at that time, exemplified best by the covers-only band Me First and the Gimme Gim

The best metal albums to keep an ear out for this year

Do you think about how the positioning of an album release date can really change the way the music press handles it? 

If a great record comes out in October or November, it’s probably far more likely to end up on someone’s ‘best of the year’ list than if it were to

Industry report: ARIA figures show strong growth in Australian market

Figures released by the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) last week for the first half of 2018 showed the Australian recording industry more than just in good shape.

2017 set a new record for best performance in 20 years, and 2018 has built on the achievement.

Pill testing, more festival lineups, and other electronic news

From New South Wales' hardline on pill testing to sorting your New Year's plans, we've got you covered.

Hardstyle festival Defqon1 happened in Sydney and unfortunately, due to apparent drug overdoses, a young woman and man lost their lives.

Uncover Melbourne's best hidden food gems

Forget cafes that feel more like nightclubs than a place to reside – quiet and unassuming is where contentment’s found. Search behind roller doors, teeny tiny streets, and bushy pathways to find the best of Melbourne’s food scene.

South Yarra is home to some of the finest our city has to offer, with heritage housing lining our Yarra River, the crispiest croissants in town (at

Your guide to the best electronic festivals coming this summer

Welcome to peak festival announce time, that period of the year where we have to weigh up our options, figure out which ones have the max fun-to-cost ratio, and then decide if we really have to buy people Christmas presents or if we can just blow our entire modest disposable income on festival tickets. 

Latest announcements include a new NYD festival at Sidney Myer Music Bowl called The First NYD.

Fans of Wu Tang Clan and Kendrick Lamar should get to know Dawn Laird, and other hip hop news

Chances are if you weren’t at BIGSOUND last week, you definitely would’ve heard about what went down, as well as seeing snippets of the exploding talent out of our Australian music industry. 

With the event designed to showcase up-and-coming musicians, artists like CLYPSO, Thando, Genesis Owusu,

Existential Metal: Heavy sounds for the birth of the universe

The Ocean is the kind of creative endeavour that is more justifiably explained in 5000 words than 500, so I’ll try and do my best. 

Formed in Berlin in 2000 by guitarist/mastermind Robin Staps, the once-collective has gone through well over 60 ex-members, sessio

Where do Aussies discover new music?

How much new music did you discover today? And where? 

SoundCloud, Spotify or Bandcamp? YouTube recommends? Newer apps or traditional mediums like radio?

We uncover one of Melbourne's best food stops -- Barkly Street

Recently, I was asked by my friend, “What is Melbourne’s sweetest charm?” 

The question could’ve been answered in many ways, but one stood out from the rest: Our expansive restaurant and bar scene. Fine dining pubs?

Dead Kelly need your help

Dead Kelly is the sickest farken Aussie metal band to ever come out of Australia, or anywhere else in the world. 

Formed from scorn towards the music industry, and a desire to take shit back to its true blue, completely DIY roots, Dead Kelly have hailed from Ya

Electronic: Thank goodness it's festival time

It’s finally Springtime and that means we’re on the downward slope to warm summer nights, mid-week hangovers and of course, festival season. 

Strawberry Fields are celebrating ten years this November, and they’ve just added 60-odd names to the bill for their second announcement.

Meet your new favourite Miss Blanks, and other hip hop news

The season of summer festivals is just around the corner. 

For hip hop fans, that usually means attending an event and seeing a small handful of acts that fit into the genre.

The Visual Art of Punk Rock

Running hand-in-hand with the DIY ethics and stripped back ethos of the punk rock sound, so too is the accompanying visual art style adorning album covers, flyers and shirts. 

Often created by the musicians themselves, the ever-evolving iconic visual art accompanying punk rock is often just as important and memorable as t

Study shows social media’s close relationship with music

Last weekend at VidCon, Warner Music Australia announced its new partnership with talent management, digital and PR agency, Born Bred Talent. 

The team-up saw the setting up of a new video distribution network, Born Bred Distribution using social media influencers paired with Warner acts.

Melbourne's best German eats

When talking food, German dishes are often left undiscovered. 

Currywurst probably wouldn’t win a race against pizza, croissants, or Peking duck pancakes – though that’s simply my opinion – although look a litt

Melbourne’s best Thai eats

You may have read me bang on about Melbourne and the blessed culture that makes us the leader in food, taste and diversity. 

Last week was all about Greek cuisine. This week, it’s time for the spicier side of Melbourne – Thai cuisine.

Hip hop: Need new music? Tentendo, Jordan Dennis, and Fresh Violet have you sorted

Get your ears around these fresh tunes.

Blood Orange’s new record

How live streaming can help indie acts go global

More and more independent Aussie acts are realising that live streaming their concerts online are an easy way to expand their brand globally and source a new revenue stream.

Add a chatbox and links to their social media, and the relationship with their audience intensifies.

How 'Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater' brought punk rock to millions of unsuspecting kids

In the mass-media world of 1999, the edgiest and most subversive punk style music in the mainstream consciousness was bands like The Offspring and Green Day.

Respectable in their own right, yet hardly representative of the broad scope of punk rock and alternative music existing below the scope of the mai

Synthwave: when metal and dance collide

Heavy metal and electronic dance music should seem like unlikely partners, and for good reason.

Their worlds are almost diametrically opposed in every way, and from the instruments used to the image and attitude being sold, these two genres pr

What's hot (and what's not) in the Melbs punk scene right now

With the final quarter of the year rapidly approaching, it’s about time to compile what’s hot, what’s not, and all the general happenings around town that make the Melbourne punk scene as fantastic as it is.

While our Victorian number plates may no longer say “On The Move”, the sound and scene of Melbourne continues to evolve and expand with new sounds

The best Greek food in Melbourne

It is the diverse cultures filling our city that ensure Melbourne wins on taste and feel every time. 

This week’s focus is on the Europeans who migrated to Melbourne during the ‘40s and ‘50s and fused their traditions and flavours with ours.

Facebook, YouTube, find new ways to make Aussie musicians and songwriters more money

Facebook and YouTube have found new ways through which Australian musicians and other creatives can earn extra moolah. 

A new deal will see APRA AMCOS’ 95,000 A&NZ songwriters and publisher members being paid every time their work is used by Facebook’s 1.8 billio

How I fell out of love with metal, and the gig that brought me back

It has been mused upon by many throughout time that ‘if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life’. In my experiences, this isn’t true.

When you chase your dreams for so long, the unexpected outcome can be that your dreams become routine.