Electronic: what's up this week

Plastic Dreams, Xe54, Chiara Kickdrum, and mass tragedy.

The roughly-monthly club night Plastic Dreams has been chugging away on the fringes of the Melbourne club scene for two years now, p

Metal's best releases of 2018...so far

This is a very necessary and flexible list.

With the year halfway gone, it’s my sincere obligation as a music journalist to present to you a list of my top releases for 2018.

The top five debut albums in punk rock history

The five debuts that slapped harder than expected.

Radio Birdman - Radios Appear (1977)

The Vic Government are funding the future of our state's pop culture

Funding looks to the past, present and future to celebrate Melbourne's pop culture.

The Victorian state government has put its hand in its collective pocket to support new music and arts projects.

All Ages: CHANGES is in town, The Chats are taking a 'Smoko' at New Slang, and Belle Haven hit the road

See what Melbourne has to offer for punters of all ages.

The time has come. CHANGES is finally here.

The future of Melbourne’s creative direction

We already know Melbourne is the music capital of the world in terms of venues per capita. 

We’re also one of the UNESCO cities of literature.

Electronic this week: Wata Igarashi is in town, Hugs&Kisses launch free DJ school, and boogie at Albert Park Golf Course

This Saturday July 7, Cool Room is back and teaming up with the underground immersive events team ONO to bring you psychedelic techno wizard

When metal meets Magic: The Gathering

My life has been enriched by a new obsession – trading card game Magic: The Gathering. In many ways it feels like when I dove headfirst into heavy metal – the deeper I get, the more I understand the lore, the more diversity I discover, the more playing formats and styles I become familiar with, and the more obsessed I become with what I feel is best summarised as ‘an infinite game of chess contained within very cool pictures’. 

Similarly, my mind was blown the first time someone drew a Disentomb card to return a target creature card from their graveyard to their hand.

The worst albums by great punk bands

Even great bands make mistakes.

Bad Religion - No Substance

Where to take good company for a bite to eat

It’s human nature to want to connect with others -- and what better time to cosy up than in the winter? Here are the perfect places to get comfy and lost in conversation.

Farouk's Olive in High Street, Thornbury, is a secret I’ve been keeping

The new series of shows changing the game for all-ages gigs

Why have all ages gigs been declining for 15 years? New Slang is a series of monthly all-ages events with Arts Centre Melbourne.

Why have all ages gigs been declining for 15 years – even after Victoria in 2014 streamlined the processes for venues and promoters to hold such gi

The best punk rock albums of 2018 so far

The underground scenes remain as strong as ever, with both classic and innovative sounds coming from everywhere.

We’re already halfway through 2018 and it’s been yet another year of solid punk rock releases locally and abroad.

Beat Eats: where to watch the World Cup

The World Cup is no regular celebration: let’s explore some bizarrely different venues.

For everyone who’s caught World Cup fever, “Where to watch the next match?” is a constantly circulating thought.

Metal: Dark Mofo 2018

It’s also most certainly not a metal festival (or even a music festival), however the aesthetic goes hand in hand. Here’s a rundown of the two major metal events I attended as part of the 2018 instalment.

With little idea of what I was actually about to experience, in 2017 I attended my first DarkMofo festival.

Electronic: the good and bad of this week

Iggy Pop & Underworld, Helena Hauff, and Donato Dozzy.

Remember how Iggy Pop did that track ‘Kick It’ with Peaches and it was one of the greatest dance-p

Electronic: what's the go?

DJ Seinfeld, Moby, Otologic and Tornado Wallace: this week's roundup.

Swedish lo-fi house and breaks whiz-kid DJ Seinfeld, has been announced as the 64th artist to be selected to do a

The best punk rock 7" releases of all time

In celebration of the 70th anniversary of the 7".

With 2018 marking the 70th anniversary of the creation of the humble 7” vinyl record, I’d like to look back on the format’s enduring history with p

Beat Eats: the best sandwiches in Melbourne

Nothing gets the blood pumping like a simply good sandwich.

My heart sings for good produce that’s made simply, with love and devotion – and the

Metal: third time's the charm

Bands who really hit their stride on record number three.

Greetings and hails once again. What is it that they say about the third time being lucky?

Industry: Why 'super fans' are the key to long-term success

The necessary acknowledgements we need to make in order to keep music’s growth buoyant.

PwC’s 17th annual Australian Entertainment & Media Outlook predicted last week that Australians’ spend on music will grow to $1.7 bill

Where to find Melbourne's best bread

Last week, on a particularly drizzly Melbourne morning, I somehow ran to work having forgotten to eat breakfast. Naturally, I head to the closest cafe to order that slice of toast my morning was missing. 

“One slice of toast please,” I ordered, to which the lovely lady behind the counter responded, “$4.50 thanks.” Shocked may be unde

Hip hop: New Kanye, Flo Rida is on his way, and it's time to start hyping for Splendour

Praise Yeezus -- G.O.O.D Music season is well and truly upon us.

The second half of 2018 is an absolute treat for metal fans

With the huge explosion of metal tours surrounding Download Festival now well behind us, the Australian touring circuit currently sits in the midst of the annual mid-year lull as basically every heavy band in the world flocks to Europe for festival season. 

However, the second half of 2018 is shaping up to be an absolute ripper that’s sure to drain the wallets and life expectancies of many longhaired h

Mental health and the music industry

The well-being of musicians and music industry workers continues to be an issue of concern. 

There were three suicides this year alone, farewelled with little fanfare because they worked behind the scenes.

Industry: Community TV scores two year extension

“The government is confident that this two year extension will provide a period of stability and certainty to CTV broadcasters, enabling staff and volunteers to manage their day to day operations while completing a successful transition to online streaming."

Community TV in Australia has been given an extension to remain on free-to-air until June 30, 2020.

Hip Hop: Jesswar is an artist not to be missed, and the future is bright for Daniel Elia

News on Jesswar, Daniel Elia, Obie Trice, and Any Rhythm Sunday.

Navigating a successful career through the music industry is a tough gig.

Metal and mourning

The irony and poignancy of death inside a genre obsessed with the concept.

There’s been a lot of death-related news in the heavy-metal world this week.

Beat Eats: Cafes to get your work done

I’ve done the hard yards to help you get some serious work done, and also have a swell time doing it.

For those freelance Beat readers out there, I’m sure you’re no stranger to scoping out WiFi spots around town.

Punk Rock’s Top Sell-Out Moments

Independent genres using major record labels, John Lyndon selling butter, and Iggy Pop selling insurance.

Punk rock is arguably the style of music most aligned with maintaining personal ethics and taking a stand against oppression and control from the p