What's on in electronic this week

From Georgia to Melbourne, it's a big weekend

Imagine having riot police raid and shut down every single night club in the city on one night.

How the concert experience keeps changing

The concert experience has gone through a drastic transformation, and there are indicators that more changes are on their way.

The concert experience has gone through a drastic transformation, and there are indicators that more changes are on their way. The first is where y

Making space for the next metal generation

Parkway Drive, 'dad crowds', and nu-metal.

I was thinking about basing this week’s column on the new Parkway Drive record, the #1 ARIA-charting Reverence.

Melbourne's best burgers

Have you ever heard of a Uruguayan sandwich?

Okay Beat readers, I’m tackling quite a large question this week and I’m pretty pleased to be writing about it.

Meet your new favourite hip hop artists

Nardean, KG and Anything Rhythm Sunday

The boundaries between spoken word and rap have been blurred by a new generation of poets.

The top five punk drummers of all time

Celebrating the game changers of punk. 

In addition to the many crossover styles and external influences constantly emerging in punk rock, some of the most renowned drummers ever come fro

The Push brings us the best All Ages shows this weekend

Kiwi-born, Melbourne based musician Sarah Mary Chadwick is dropping her fourth solo record Sugar Still Melts in The Rain this Friday May 1

Electronic; welcome Skylab Radio, Club D'erange host a live band, and more

Add these to your weekend calendar.

Last week we saw the surprise launch of an exciting new venture from Melbourne DJs Simon TK and Chico G called Sk

Industry: How Spotify’s public listing will help Melbourne musicians and songwriters

New York is 16,677 kilometres and a 20 hour flight away from Melbourne. But Spotify’s successful IPO on the New York Stock Exchange – where it was valued at $29 billion – will have a flow-through effect on Melbourne musicians and songwriters.

Last week the Swedish streaming service reported its first quarterly earnings since it went public.

Discover something new in Aussie hip hop

Update your current playlist with these fresh Aussie artists.

Hip hop fans should watch out for fierce newcomer Tazzy. Fuelled by ambition and attitude, the sassy R&B queen from Sydney is

Top five punk rock bassists of all time

Much like the original rock‘n’roll the genre evolved and drew from, the role of bass guitar in punk rock is a key component of both rhythm and melody. 

While punk rock bassists have typically stuck to traditional background roles in bands, a select few have stood out far beyond the rest in

Beat Eats; try something new on Brunswick Street

When waltzing down Brunswick Street on a sunny afternoon, a new thought came to my mind. 

As I spend almost every evening around the area, appreciation for the familiar becomes increasingly harder to grasp.

Meet our new metal columnist, Lochlan Watt

Helming your weekly guide to everything loud. 

Horns up and infernal hails from the Adamantium Wolf, for I have once again risen from the ashes of publications past to scribe information from a

Button Mashers: What's new this month in gaming

Welcome to Button Mashers, our monthly look at what's happening in the world of gaming. 

It's a good month for a beer - coupled with Mario Kart, Doom, and the biggest fighting game tournament in Australia, of course.

Best of punk in 2018 so far

2018 is shaping up to be a standout year for punk rock

With many new bands bringing out debut records plus older bands returning at the top of their game, garage-punk has seen a l

The best electronic music of 2018 so far

From Albrecht la’Brooy to Confidence Man, 2018 has been good to us.

Albrecht la’Brooy - Tidal River

Best of metal in 2018 so far

It’s been a really interesting year in metal so far, with some really key releases across various subgenres. If you haven’t checked them out yet, here are some of my favourites.

Zakk Wylde’s Black Label Society - Grimmest Hits

Best of hip hop in 2018 so far

With 2018 almost at the halfway mark, it’s the perfect time to reflect on some of the most memorable hip hop albums released this year. Honourable mentions go to Migos’ Culture II and Cardi B’s Invasion of Privacy.

J.Cole - KOD

Beat Eats: when books and coffee come together

‘How do you spend time in the cold?’ is a question I’d say is pretty on-topic at the moment. Most would respond with watching films, attending art galleries and planning summer escapes. However, it’s those small, intimate moments that I’m really interested in.

Almost always, I start by wrapping my hands around a hot coffee, in a big coat, before heading to a library in the CBD – it’s a truly wonderful pla

The most important music industry moments of 2018

Wrapping up the year so far. 

As we edge towards the middle of the year, we've collated a few of the key music industry moments of 2018.

Musicians’ incomes haven’t changed for 25 years, so what can be done about it?

Last week the Music Cities Conference in Melbourne was held over two days to 300 delegates. They came from 40 countries and spoke about achievements including music districts and night mayors, while Melbourne’s successes included agents of change and the live music census.

You’ll remember two weeks ago, Music Victoria made headlines when it released an early executive summary of its Melbourne Live Music Census.

Need new music fast? Here's three new artists to get on your Radar

Need new music fast? Here’s some artists you should get on your radar ASAP.

I still remember the day Norwegian singer-songwriter Sigrid released her debut single ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ and gave me my favourit

Metal: Bands on the verge of hitting the next level

I’ve noticed something quite interesting about metal in recent years, and it’s to do with the life cycle of bands. 

Classic bands are ageing out of the scene.

Is hip hop the most popular genre of music in the world?

Hip hop made history when critically-acclaimed artist Kendrick Lamar was bestowed the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for Music. 

The unexpected news rocked the world when Lamar’s fourth studio album DAMN was recognised as one of the most important works of the 21st c

Electronic: this week in Melbourne

Need some weekend plans? Look no further.

This Friday at Banana:Peach, Animals Dancing are hosting a trio of respected internationals. First up, Young Marco.

So, who really did invent trap music?

A thorough investigation into a hip hop mainstay. 

Whether you love it or hate it, trap music is everywhere.

Industry: Say it louder for the people in the back, Melbourne is the world's greatest music city

There’s an ancient music biz adage; if you want to land a record contract, move to Sydney. If you want to make great music, head to Melbourne.

Statistics released by Music Victoria last week showed that in 2017, Greater Melbourne hosted 73,605 advertised gigs compared to 62,000 in 2012, re

Metal: why you should spend your whole life discovering new music

Oh yeah, I was into them back when I used to listen to music.

That band is still together?

They were the soundtrack to my teenage years.

I’m a music journalist and a dad in my late 30’s.

Get to know The Moldy Fig, Melbourne’s first New Orleans institution

A mother-daughter duo have recently brought their love and expertise for all things New Orleans to Melbourne, and it feels like one hell of a celebration we’re dying to be a part of. 

The Moldy Fig – run by chef/owner Dorelle and her daughter Vivian – is everything a diner seeks in night out; delicious food, cher

Electronic: gigs to catch this weekend

From good old mystery warehouse raves to dance parties in pubs. 

This Friday April 13, Animals Dancing are hosting a Canadian invasion with RAMZi and D.Tiffany at