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Scotty Baker is an marvellous performer. Where others within the Rockabilly fold seem to mimic, Baker encompasses the true spirit of his influences and presents as a bona fide creator, with mega strokes of Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley coming together in the body of one very smooth (and sometimes silly) man. His talents have been recognised across the world and soon he’ll be heading to London...

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Melbourne’s one-man band trio Puta Madre Brothers have created a mythical musico-political destination, Meximotown, a place where garage rock lives in warped harmony with spaghetti westerns, adolescent humour and rudimentary Spanish discourse. Unlike the ill-fated Spanish quest of the 16th century, there’s no obvious booty waiting to be plundered; there is, however, a bounty of...

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Following on from a ridiculously brilliant 2011 lineup, which included Bob Dylan, Grace Jones and George Clinton, the nation's premier blues and roots music festival has backed up with an equally stellar 2012 lineup.


Leading the charge will be Roger Daltrey - who will be performing The Who's Tommy and more. The rest of the top-shelf lineup contains The Pogues, Earth Wind and...

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" There are a lot of bands in Australia that perform many of the standards in the rockabilly genre and that's not a bad thing, but The ReChords are taking a different path," says double bass player Tyron Shaw. "We believe in the songs we are performing, whether they be a cover or one of our many originals, and I think that comes across to the audience."


The ReChords...

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Tassie-born singer-songwriter Johnny Gibson sounds awfully young, and writes lyrics like a high schooler, always putting the most simple and obvious foot forward. It’s not bad necessarily; it’s just simple and obvious, which suits his chugging country rock sound. He’s not a natural singer, nasal and straining, but his ineptness is kind of endearing.

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What's a Rock'n'Roll Shindig?

Our name originated from Chuck Berry's TV Show Shindig. The meaning of the word represents a get together of people in a particular place to play music, dance, have fun and enjoy life.


We like it. Keep talking...

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