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Posted 29 Apr 2012 @ 4:41pm

Alias of twenty-two year old Essex beats fiend Stuart Howard, Lapalux is a name to keep your eyes on.


Responsible for some seriously stellar releases on Pictures and his new home, Flying Lotus-owned Brainfeeder alongside stellar reworks for Bonobo, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, and Crystal Fighters, Howard's unique brand of twisted sampling skills and soulful, warm beats...

Posted 25 Apr 2012 @ 7:13pm


Released off the back of last week’s Splendour lineup announcement, The Wave is a lovely cut from Happy To You, the second album by this idiosyncratic Swedish soul pop collective. A joyful, feather light blend of piano notes and skittering drums bubbling into vibrant electro pop, from a band that lifts the roof off a live set. Bring on July.


Posted 18 Apr 2012 @ 7:44am

So then, what’s the band name and what do you ‘do’ in the band?

The Band name is my name.. N'fa Jones.. I'm the songwriter, and MC


What do you reckon people will say you sound like?

Hopefully "good, heavvvy, doooope"..


What do you love about making music?

The fact that its invisible, and doesn't exist in physical form.. you...

Posted 12 Apr 2012 @ 1:43pm


Brisbane indie-pop troupe Ball Park Music are set to bring their reputable live show back to Melbourne. The 180° Tour, the band’s most ambitious yet, has frontman Sam Cromack in a spin. “The tour’s been a massive step up from where we were previously: bigger venues, more ticket sales and it’s just been quite surreal for us to watch it all unfold.”



The group’s...

Posted 11 Apr 2012 @ 3:05pm


Domino’s newish French pop signing delivers another dreamy mid-tempo indie pop number. Some swirling synth strings and a bit a French muttering provide what little there is to notice in this song. It’s all a bit gloopy and tedious.


Posted 2 Apr 2012 @ 7:22am

So then, what’s the band name and what do you ‘do’ in the band?

The Bombastics. We play Funk, Soul, Disco, Jazz, Latin, and Pop music. Essentially we play covers, but not the songs you’re used to hearing down at the local pub. Expect Flight Facilities, Daft Punk, Jamiroquai, Moloko, Al Green, Stevie Wonder, and Dusty Springfield. Unless of course you want to hear a bit of...

Posted 20 Mar 2012 @ 10:56am


When Simon Connolly, guitarist with idiosyncratic Melbourne indie pop band Aleks and the Ramps, rings mid-way through Tuesday night, there’s a cacaphony of noise as the answering machine cuts in earlier than I’d expected, drowning out both Simon’s opening greeting and my attempt at a reply. “Do you want me to call back later?” Connolly offers politely....

Posted 19 Mar 2012 @ 11:27am


“I’d like to say it was because I had a dream where I saw this bird, it was a Francolin, but that’s not true,” says Staffan Guinnane, singer, guitarist and principal songwriter for local indie pop band Francolin. Guinanne is explaining why the band took the name of a relatively unknown bird closely related to the pheasant. “Actually what happened was that I went to Wikipedia and got a...

Posted 16 Mar 2012 @ 10:04am


Releasing their debut full-length album is Brisbane four-piece and 'Unearthed' darlings, Last Dinosaurs. Titled In A Million Years, the pop quarter have created an album with a much more experienced sound. However, this is to their detriment, the effects of such a growth-spurt leaving the songs feeling a little uninspired.


Debut single Zoom opens the album; a catchy...

Posted 14 Mar 2012 @ 2:18pm


Ahead of their Brunswick Festival appearance, there's indications aplenty The Little Stevies are in for another big year. Of course, the release of their stunning sophomore album, Attention Shoppers, already ensured a gargantuan 2011 for the local heroes. “Canada was definitely a highlight. It was huge,” gushes Beth Stephen. “We spent two months over there... we basically drove from...


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