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Posted 19 Jun 2012 @ 1:42pm

Beginning in Paris in 1982 after a suggestion was made by American musician, Joel Cohen and furthered by the then French Cultural Minister, Fête de la Musique has stretched out as a global event taking place in over 100 countries and more than 460 cities worldwide. It is a celebration of music not as a product to be bought and sold, but as a free cultural experience to be enjoyed by all. That...

Posted 25 May 2012 @ 7:52am

The exceedingly popular Winter Ball, hosted by Charles Jenkins & The Zhivagos, had locked in its 2012 date at The Corner. Now we can wrap our eyes around the very tasty first lineup announcement.


The first round of artists includes Melbourne soul queen Suzannah Espie, rock n' roller Joel Silbersher, the fabulously dreamy Orbweavers, new kid Alex Lashlie, surf western genius...

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