Posted 15 Feb 2017 @ 2:25pm

Welcome to Beat's weekly rundown on what's hot in the coming seven days of cinematic releases. This week, we have one major Chinese American co-production, one China vs America production, one Vietnamese release and one American film set in Japan. Asia is the future (and the past).


Two special mentions this week - firstly, Hidden Figures officially opens this week (jumped the...

Posted 15 Apr 2014 @ 1:33pm

Documentary maker Anna Broinowski was given a book by a friend. This book was the Dear Leader Kim Il Jong’s guide to film making: Manifesto The Cinema and Directing. “I’d had no idea the Dear Leader was a cineaste,” says Broinowski. “I was blown away by how powerfully he used cinema to maintain the country. North Korea has no internet, it’s the last place on earth without advertising or...

Posted 8 Apr 2014 @ 2:21pm

In 1949, a small Danish toy company called LEGO – which translates to ‘play well’ – began producing little interconnecting bricks that would change the world of toys and create an empire that captured the hearts, minds and imaginations of children everywhere. Now, everybody’s favourite childhood toy is hitting the big screen...and it’s breathtaking.


The LEGO Movie lands this...

Posted 11 Mar 2014 @ 2:38pm



It’s taken almost a decade since his first appearance, but we’re now seeing a concerted effort from co-writer/director to elevate outback serial killer Mick Taylor (John Jarratt) from chilling once-off menace to genuine, Freddy/Jason-level horror icon. 2014 sees not only the release of Wolf Creek 2, but also a couple of prequel novels that flesh out the back-story of the...

Posted 11 Mar 2014 @ 2:38pm

Fifteen passionate and adventurous young people leave their ordinary lives behind to spend 100 days in the jungles of Borneo. Their mission: to rescue the rainforests and endangered orangutans from destruction.


Rise of the Eco-Warriors is the latest project of documentary filmmaker Cathy Henkel. It’s a follow-up to her 2008 IF-award winning film, The Burning Season, which dealt...

Posted 25 Feb 2014 @ 9:34am

Earlier this year, a nationwide opinion poll showed that 60 per cent of Australians wanted the Abbott government to “increase the severity of the treatment of asylum seekers”. Presumably they didn’t mean ‘increase to a violent bloodbath’ such as that on Manus Island last week, which saw 23-year-old Reza Berati killed, possibly “by out-of-control guards who stomped his skull as he lay...

Posted 25 Feb 2014 @ 9:17am

The Melbourne Queer Film Festival has announced its full program.


Hosted over 11 days, MIQF will celebrate all things lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transsexual (and all things sexual, to be honest). Opening this year’s festival will be Travis Fine’s (The Space Between) newest work, Any Day Now, starring Alan Cumming (The Good Wife, X-Men) and Garret Dillahunt (12 Years a...

Posted 19 Feb 2014 @ 3:55pm

Featuring a five days of live music and visual artist showcases, the Melbourne Music Video Festival has unveiled the program for its 2014 incarnation.


Aiming to present events which are both sonically and visually engaging, the festival's program features a wide array of activities, including music from the likes of Friendships, Audego, Indian Red, Tincture and more.

Posted 11 Feb 2014 @ 1:55pm

Want to know how to impress a film festival director? Be yourself. “Stay true to your passion,” says Bronwyn Kidd, director of Flickerfest, the festival of short film. “Don't replicate what others have done. Tell the stories that are individual to you, tell the story you want to tell. Don't try to be the next Quentin Tarantino.”


This year's Flickerfest...

Posted 27 Jan 2014 @ 10:10am

It’s time to revise your French, as Melbourne’s French Film Festival returns for its 25th anniversary this year.


Held across Melbourne’s most eclectic cinemas, the festival will open evocative drama The Finishers. Directed by Nils Tavernier (Story of Women, Post Coitum) and starring Jacques Gamblin (The First Day of the Rest of Your Life, The Names of Love) and Alexandra Lamy,...


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