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Posted 22 May 2014 @ 12:16pm

Drunk Mums’ launch of their single Plastic was a triumphant celebration of Melbourne’s garage rock scene. So free of pretention was this event that it felt more like a birthday party where everyone knew and loved each other. Flannel, plaid shirts, skinny jeans and obscure band t-shirts was the uniform and pints were the drink of choice.
At the beginning of the night, despite the...

Posted 3 Apr 2014 @ 12:55pm

Drunk Mums are not actually mums, but they do drink. They have a song doing the rounds at the moment called Plastic. It is a simple and catchy rock n’roll song that has the effect on the listener, even after only the first listen, where they will be singing the chorus of ‘You are a piece of plastic’ somewhat involuntarily, yet joyfully, over and over again.


Beat interviewed the...

Posted 25 Mar 2014 @ 4:44pm

After a hugely successful 2013, Cairns-turned-Melbourne music juggernauts and kings of punk influenced pub rock Drunk Mums are back with the release of their highly anticipated new single, Plastic. 


To celebrate, the band will embark on a national tour. The track is a perfect fusion of the band’s ‘70s jangle pop and Aussie rock stylings, heightened further by the anthemic,...

Posted 19 Mar 2014 @ 12:05pm

A tidy little ECSR chug in the verse and a fuckin’ corker of a chorus come together to make Plastic, a resounding hate-letter from garage punks Drunk Mums. The disdain of “YOU ARRRRE. A PIECE OF PLAS-TIC” flecks spittle right in yer eye, and you’re too busy shouting along to blink. Good shit.

Posted 8 Jan 2014 @ 3:56pm

The Port Royal Street Party has added on more tasty eats and drinks, a chance to get inked as well as one more band to complete its inaugural program.


For those looking to chow down, look no further than Huxtaburger and Vietnamese street food specialists Uncle. Sailor Jerry will also be on board for the day to serve up signature cocktails in addition to tatting up festivalgoers...

Posted 16 Sep 2013 @ 9:21am

Melbourne’s Drunken Mums have become the latest – and  27th – act to join Damo Costin’s newly launched 123 Agency.


The band’s manager James Young of Cherry Rock commented, “123's digital marketing arm was a major plus that got me and Drunk Mums keen. That and the fact that Damo can seriously 'get on it' and still answer...

Posted 18 Jul 2013 @ 11:39am

Off the back of a stellar debut LP and a suitably impressive list of festival appearances and supports, exhilarating six-piece Money For Rope are set to tour the country once more.


With a new single on the horizon and a list of dates to whet any appetite for soul-lathered ferocity, it would be a...

Posted 16 Jul 2013 @ 9:56am

They’re a rowdy, bunch those Drunk Mums. Rocking up late, drinking and swearing. Growing up they might’ve been the kids somebody warned you to avoid. You know, the types that probably exposed you to your first porno magazine.


An exhibition of history’s greatest hairstyles, the band rip out their bombastic songs amongst the candlelit tables and heady, scarlet glow of The Toff In...

Posted 3 Jul 2013 @ 8:59am

Drunk Mums undeniably have a penchant for the rowdy. Bass player Adam has been kicked out of various venues for generally being a “bad arse”: “He’s got a green mullet and he doesn’t seem to click with some of the bouncers. Once he was peeing in the corner of a venue – that wasn’t the best idea."


The musical embodiment of a ‘zero fucks given’ attitude, their songs and general...

Posted 14 Jun 2013 @ 12:34pm

Funny, offbeat and penis-free since Wednesday June 5, Watt's On has established its now legendary place in the Melbourne music scene. This July, Watt's On will be presenting a killer lineup set to tear through The Toff In Town like Dan Watt tears through social etiquette and basic politeness.



With a band...


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