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Posted 6 Apr 2014 @ 1:26pm



It's easy to get overwhelmed at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. So many shows, so little time. Which makes it especially wonderful when you dig a little deeper to find a performer who isn't a big name. Like Juliette Burton. Hailing from the UK, Burton's When I Grow Up is an enchanting, whimsical and engaging docu-comedy filled with colourful powerpoint...

Posted 2 Apr 2013 @ 10:59pm

“In my shows the last couple of years, I talk about changing my mind about things. It’s that sort of thing like Julia Gillard and what she did as a lawyer and what Tony Abbott said 20 years ago. Fuck, 20 years ago I thought Wham! was the best band in the world,” laughs Wil Anderson, in what would become such an absorbing conversation that in writing about Anderson rather than quoting him I am...

Posted 31 Mar 2013 @ 3:12pm

Urzila Carlson is an odd mix of all things peculiar and remarkably normal, simultaneously. The Kiwi slash South African, middle aged, lesbian opened to a full room on Friday in the intimate Portico Room in Melbourne Town Hall. The sound of her shrill, high pitched commanding voice impressing the audience in her debut solo MICF show – ‘I’m going to need a second opinion.’



Posted 17 Jan 2013 @ 4:36pm

With the 2013 Melbourne International Comedy Festival set to kick off in two months time, the first round of comics to grace our many stages have been revealed.


The first batch of artists includes a host of international talent, including Paul Foot, Sarah Millican, Tracy Morgan, Stephen K Amos, Michael Che, Josie Long, Nina Conti, Rich Hall, The Pajama Men, Eliza Schlesinger,...

Posted 10 Aug 2012 @ 10:59am

Many of Australia’s best and funniest comedians are coming together for a gala fundraiser for a comedy superstar you’ve probably never heard of.


During the 2012 Melbourne Comedy Festival, Adrian Cherubin,the Festival’s long serving Technical Director suffered a stroke. Adrian has lead the production team at the Comedy Festival for 20 years and has been responsible for helping...

Posted 26 Apr 2012 @ 12:37pm

Lullabies aren't necessarily something you'd associate with stand-up comedy. These songs are for children, not adults, and they’re designed to make them sleep, not laugh.


Ali McGregor and her cast of talented friends use the term 'lullaby' loosely. They've chosen a bunch of vaguely soothing songs and thrown in enough banter to remind the audience they're at the comedy festival...

Posted 28 Mar 2012 @ 2:02pm

In Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word, Tina C makes her debut appearance at the Malthouse Theatre tackling the heavy issue of Australian land rights through country music and unavoidable audience participation. From the start of her lecture/story-telling/concert/comedy show she refuses to shy away from the topic - "Sorry, no apologies!" 



The performance seems...

Posted 8 Apr 2011 @ 1:12pm
Posted 31 Mar 2011 @ 4:01pm
Posted 30 Mar 2011 @ 5:41pm


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