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Posted 21 Jan 2014 @ 1:31pm

Transition Film Festival returns to Melbourne this year with a stunning program that will highlight the power and commitment of documenters around the world.


This year’s festival will begin on Saturday February 15 with free screenings at Federation Square before relocating to Cinema Nova for the week. Highlight films include: Aim High in Creation, a documentary about an AFI...

Posted 1 May 2013 @ 6:13am

Camille Rewinds - or Camille Redouble, for the Francophiles amongst us - takes a somewhat well-worn but intriguing trope and gives it an appealing Gallic twist. What if you could go back and change the direction of your life?


It's a fantasy that has been tackled in film and literature countless times; Back to the Future comes immediately to mind, as does Francis Ford Coppola's...

Posted 13 Nov 2012 @ 10:16am

The La Mirada Film Festival has carved an enviable niche for itself in Melbourne’s film festival calendar. Encompassing an array of Spanish-language films from Spain and Latin America, it crosses geographic boundaries in a way that makes it much more than simply another national film showcase. Combined also with the highly individual programming approach taken by its ebullient director Rocio...

Posted 30 Oct 2012 @ 12:20pm

In a horrifying scene in the filmic adaptation of Stephen King’s It, a young lad is showering when a haunting, spine-tinglingly evil clown emerges from underneath the drain and frightens the child into an asthmatic fit. My best friend Cuddles claimed he didn’t shower for two weeks after seeing that movie. Obviously, he was not my best friend for those two weeks, with his execrable hygiene...

Posted 16 Oct 2012 @ 10:20am

The Australian Centre for the Moving Image and Cinema Nova will be screening a breathtaking selection of contemporary and classic Spanish films when La Mirada Film Festival returns to Melbourne this November.


The ever charming Wes Anderson will be guest curating alongside acclaimed actor Gael García Bernal and The Hive's PelleAlmqvist. Festival director Rocio Garcia has secured...

Posted 18 Sep 2012 @ 9:42pm

Monster Pictures, the notorious Australian film distributor behind The Human Centipede franchise, has launched the program for its showcase theatrical film event, Monster Fest.



Opening the festival will be the Australian premiere of The ABCs Of Death, an American/New Zealand co-production that has just premiered at the prestigious Midnight Madness section of the...

Posted 17 Nov 2011 @ 9:21am

A film festival with a difference? The Stop Violence Against Women Film Festival is a two-day festival showcasing dramas and documentaries as means of exploring current human right issues faced by women.


The projection of women rights by Amnesty International's Victoria Women's team at Melbourne's Cinema Nova in November will bring stories from all around the world in order to...

Posted 14 Jun 2011 @ 2:17pm

Assorted goings-on in the world of Melbourne food




The Monash Museum Of Art (MUMA) will be serving breakfast later this July with Japanese artist Midori Mitamura. It’s part of his show Art & Breakfast at MUMA. Tokyo-based Mitamura creates exhibitions with mixed media and at various times during the exhibition there is a free...

Posted 28 Jan 2011 @ 1:47pm
Posted 20 Jan 2011 @ 12:22pm


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