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Posted 26 Apr 2012 @ 6:17am


Austria’s Snowbombing Festival has been described as the coolest in the world – apt as the annual week-long music event takes place on the ski slopes of Mayrhofen. UK DJ James Zabiela is a Snowbombing devotee, and when we speak he’s just returned from the festival, stiff and sore from extreme sporting but exhilarated nonetheless. “I got back on Sunday night,” he explains. “I have a...

Posted 10 Apr 2012 @ 2:41pm


In a truly remarkable turn of events, two hip hop artists have withdrawn from this year's Supafest bill.


Due to budget concerns, modern day legends Missy Elliot and Diddy have been dropped from the bill.


The news follows on from the addition of T Pain on the bill.

Posted 20 Jan 2012 @ 9:18am

Ariel Rosenberg is ready to cut loose. After a long day of fielding interviews from his Los Angeles home, he admits to me, “After [this round of interviews], I’m going to get tanked. Hammered!” Rosenberg, who goes by the nom de stage of Ariel Pink, had an absolutely brilliant 2010. His latest album, Before Today had been released to very favourable reviews and his newly minted band Haunted...

Posted 13 Jan 2012 @ 9:35am

You can be forgiven for being a little confused about long running English Doom Metal band Cathedral. In early 2011, the band announced their 'official' retirement after more than two decades, ten studio albums and countless tours together, and that their 'last ever' show would be played in London in December. Lo and behold, they were subsequently announced as joining the almightly bill of the...

Posted 27 Oct 2011 @ 9:50am

I had never seen Sally Seltmann live before last year's Meredith. It was the last day of the festival and many had already packed up their tents and left, having had enough of the typical torrential rain that had bombarded much of the weekend. We stood at the stage in our ponchos, drizzle sprinkling on our hoods, next to a few fallen over bins which were now being pounded on by some coming-...

Posted 23 Sep 2011 @ 9:06am
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Brazillians CSS return with their third studio album, one that specialises in lively electro-pop with varied results. La Liberación begins promisingly, specialising in lively electro-pop courtesy of the methodical club-inclined I Love You. Its follow-up, Hits Me Like A Rock, proves the real standout, its infectious reggae-pop splendour securing an early zenith. The record’s third track, City...

Posted 6 Sep 2011 @ 8:49am
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Melbourne has been seriously spoiled in terms of good dance music this year. 


If you haven’t found yourself stumbling out of a darkened club at 6AM, ears still ringing and feet all danced out this year yet, you’ve missed out. Next month sees UK’s elusive house-techno producer and DJ Glimpse step up to the decks for a rare session in Australia – oh, my! Mixing the...

Posted 2 Aug 2011 @ 3:36pm

It may not be technically very good journalistic form to quote a group’s Facebook page, but when it reads “MELBOURNE --- We are in you! Lets party!” surely the conventions can go by the wayside. Sydney-based performance trio post have begun their nationwide tour of Who’s the Best and we got hold of Mish Grigor at the airport before her flight down. post is made up of Grigor, Natalie Rose and...

Posted 19 Jul 2011 @ 1:36pm

Charlie Fink phones in from a lonely highway, somewhere in Utah, where the Noah And The Whale tour bus has broken down. This is after a spot of trouble on the Canadian border, where his rag tag bunch of English popsters were bailed up and accused of something or other, causing our interview to be delayed for several hours. Cursed tour, we wonder? "Brilliant tour so far, but a cursed day,"...

Posted 14 Jul 2011 @ 4:18pm

Small Odysseys, the title of the upcoming production by Melbourne performance collective Rawcus, is something of an oxymoron. Since the Homeric epic, an odyssey has always suggested a voyage of mythic proportions – they are, by definition, never a small undertaking.




Yet this playful paradox is very apt in describing what Rawcus do. You won’t find any...


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