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Posted 14 Aug 2012 @ 11:38am

The mighty Murlocs took the stage prior to garage-surfers Bonniwells, and they were the perfect support: hard, heavy rock. The singer was an emaciated Jeff Buckley: excellent voice and legs like toothpicks. He was very charismatic for a man so mild in individual characteristics, but Gestalt reigns supreme with these sorts of guys.


Bonniwells bowled out and from the first song...

Posted 26 Jul 2012 @ 8:07am

The popular image of the '60s as revolutionised by wild-eyed teenagers in stove-piped trousers and Beatle boots bashing out three chord punk tunes in their parents’ garage is as much romantic conceit as corroborated historical truth. Yet it remains a popular image in garage punk folklore, and one that we all continue to indulge.


Bonniwells are ripped straight from that popular...

Posted 24 Jul 2012 @ 2:24pm

Marck Dean, guitarist, vocalist and principal songwriter with local band Bonniwells claims most of his compositions stem from his daily contemplations of “everyday situations”. “A lot of them are time travel ideas,” Dean says, “especially introspective time travel."  Notwithstanding suggestions to the contrary in the band’s press release, Dean says there’s not a lot of your average musings on...

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