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Tsuyoshi Suzuki

Posted 18 Jul 2013 @ 8:49am

What he doesn’t speak he thinks. But don’t let his lack of a command of the English language fool you; for the experience he has is monumental – and his ability to rock a party almost unparalleled. Known in trance circles for his rocking sets, Tsuyoshi Suzuki has also produced a mix for Japanese designer, Issey Miyake; maintains a rock and roll project; and is a label boss for the legendary...

Posted 24 Jan 2012 @ 10:29pm

Japan is about as culturally advanced as you could possibly imagine a country to be. Art, music, fashion – it’s all there and it’s always about as unusual and distinctive as you can get. No surprise then, that the man in question hails from the land of the rising run, despite his eventual move to the UK to more closely align himself to the electronic music scene – and it was his upbringing in...

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