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Robbie Furze

Posted 1 Feb 2012 @ 7:37am


In a courageous sophomore effort three years in the making since their buzzed debut, A Brief History Of Love, The Big Pink bring Future This; an equally big-sounding release full of driving melodies and loaded beats that make for a worthy foray into pop anthem territory.


The first track Stay Gold is the leading single, and also the strongest of a bunch of genre-defying...

Posted 12 Oct 2011 @ 12:42pm

If ever a band slit its own throat, it was Big Pink. They released a spectacular debut record a couple of years back then played a frankly embarrassing set at The Hi-Fi, in which singer/guitarist Robbie Furze strutted around like a great posturing eejit, making it impossible to take seriously their stadium-scale indie rock anthems. Stay Gold has the same bombastic thrust as Dominos, and the...

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