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Ridley Scott

Posted 5 Jun 2012 @ 12:05pm

“Our minds are really closed off if we really think we are alone in this galaxy. Fuck off, you’ve got to be kidding!” That’s Sir Ridley Scott talking, the 74-years-young director who defined modern-day science fiction with the epochal film Alien (1979), followed by the landmark Blade Runner (1986).


Three decades later, the three time Academy Award nominated director (for his...

Posted 26 Aug 2011 @ 3:23pm

As a genre the traditional western is virtually moribund, but Hollywood keeps churning out some interesting variations on the theme that temporarily breathe life into the form. The latest is Cowboys & Aliens, and the title basically says all you need to know. Imagine the likes of iconic hero John Wayne taking on aliens, and you’ll get the drift! It’s The Searchers meets Independence Day as...

Posted 30 Mar 2011 @ 5:41pm
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