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Regina Spektor

Posted 5 Dec 2012 @ 6:34am

“I don’t even know what the fuck ‘slashies’ are – why would anyone say I hate ‘slashies’?” It’s a question Regina Spektor delivers with a fair amount of passion, understandably outraged at having been misquoted in an article. Worse still, the article’s reference pertained to a close friend and fellow musician. “Karen O is such a star. She’s got that – I don’t know – that particular quality...

Posted 13 Jul 2012 @ 4:58pm

New York virtuoso Regina Spektor is finally returning to Australian shores.


This will be Spektor’s first run of headline shows in Australia and New Zealand since 2010’s sold-out tour that introduced her music to a new legion of fans. Spektor’s phenomenal voice has guided the way through a prolific catalogue filled with songs of satire, heartache and novelty, manifested in six...

Posted 3 Jul 2012 @ 2:06pm

It’s a disservice to any artist to judge a new work on the providence of the old, but it is hard to listen to Regina Spektor’s sixth record without feeling like a light is going out somewhere. The Russian born-Brooklyn raised troubadour has done some brilliant things in songwriting, especially when her predilection for bright-eyed whimsy is indulged just enough to let her astute observations...

Posted 24 Feb 2012 @ 7:23am


Rosie from the Rosie Burgess Trio.


Ten bands everyone should know about:

Barenaked Ladies, Be Good Tanyas, Melissa Ferrick, A Tribe Called Quest, Fiona Apple, Regina Spektor, The Herbaliser, Balkan Beat Box, Jungal and well, I have to say it, the Rosie Burgess Trio.


Nine food items that you need to make a kickarse dinner...

Posted 3 Nov 2011 @ 8:56am

So then, what's the band name and what do you 'do' in the band?

Susy Blue. I'm the benevolent dictator; I write the songs and their arrangements, sing them and occasionally play flute, piccolo and more recently keys.


Bearing the terrible clichéd nature of this question, what do you reckon people will say you sound like ?

Posted 12 Oct 2011 @ 2:22pm

Steph Hannah asks Miss Elm:

What inspires your song-writing?


Usually, it is really horrible males.


What has been your favourite gig you've played at so far?


A small warehouse (turned circus arena) called 'contortionist studios' back in Brisbane last month packed full of attentive and warming smiles. I was so nervous I wore...

Posted 6 Jun 2011 @ 10:22am

'No beer and no dancing make Homer something, something…' is what I often murmured to myself as I sat through Ben Folds. While The Palais is an awesome venue, and this was an awesome show, strict seating and a ban on alcohol in the main hall stopped it from providing the full concert experience - especially because I was ready to party after many Friday night work drinks.


Posted 14 Feb 2011 @ 5:23pm
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