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Posted 1 May 2012 @ 11:33am


Statistics isn’t usually a word associated with fun or creativity. Without faces to a number or stories to a percentage, it’s hard for anyone to muster the energy to care about how John and Jane down the street filled out last year’s census form. 100% Melbourne is putting an animated spin on those usually lifeless numbers, attempting to encourage people to stand up and take notice of...

Posted 15 Nov 2011 @ 3:04pm

This show, the culmination of the all-female She Will Have Her Way and the all-male He Will Have His Way Finn brothers tribute albums, and featuring selected artists from both, was aimed at honouring the legacy of Tim and Neil as songwriters more than performers. In other words, while fans who couldn't tolerate any variation on the original recordings would have been better off at home with...

Posted 9 Sep 2011 @ 12:03pm

It's Darebin Music Feast time again, as is wont to happen with a Melbourne-borne arts festival, the lines between creative disciplines blur deliciously, spawning intriguing events that centre around our Melbourne must haves: style, music and a cinematic view of life. Speak Me Deadly is one such event; a performance evening projected through the...

Posted 8 Sep 2011 @ 9:26am

" We have whisky, wine, women, song, and slot machines. I won't deny it and I won't apologise for it. If the majority of people didn't want them, they wouldn't be profitable, and they wouldn't exist." Infamous Atlantic City politician (and noted racketeer) Enoch "Nucky" Johnson made this fabulously ballsy statement nearly a hundred years ago during the American Prohibition - and the public's...

Posted 16 Aug 2011 @ 11:35am

Tonight's bill of three contemplative, young, gents all performing their own brand of folk infused country and blues-based ballads was never going to put the security staff to the test. The only hostility on the dance floor was an over-zealous air conditioner.


Little John sure warmed the...

Posted 12 Aug 2011 @ 9:16am

Solo theatre pieces have always tended to be intimate in nature, as they explore the depths of emotion the individual actor is both capable of experiencing and of conveying to the audience. Much more so, contemporary solo productions continue to incorporate an even deeper level of psychological involvement, forcing the actor not only to perform, but to compose the work on the most elusive...

Posted 13 Jul 2011 @ 10:09am

Among the many great things about Melbourne is the sheer amount of artistic expression that you can witness on any given night. For the lover of culture, there's never a lack of it. Enter any bar with a stage and you're likely to enjoy a great local band showcasing their musical talent. If you're up for a laugh, comedy gigs are aplenty and the theatre scene is brimming with new arrivals and...

Posted 21 Apr 2011 @ 10:35am


Posted 18 Apr 2011 @ 9:46am


Posted 13 Apr 2011 @ 12:50pm
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