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perfect fit

Posted 10 Apr 2012 @ 4:10pm


As y'all are probably aware, we're pretty goddamn great when it comes to tipping just who will grace the...

Posted 14 Dec 2011 @ 1:21pm

Just like Lassie went home, one of Australia's most iconic and popular classics, Ray Lawler's Summer of the Seventeeth Doll, is heading back home for a run early next year.


Fresh from its highly acclaimed Sydney season, this revival, by award-winning director Neil Armstrong, tells a poignant story of love, friendship and shattered illusions. And what makes a brilliant...

Posted 26 Jul 2011 @ 5:38pm

After whispers of an imminent visit, then whispers of that imminent visit’s cancellation, we have official confirmation that New York Dolls will in fact be heading over to headline boutique New York culture festival The Boroughs.


This will be the seminal punk icons' first visit to Australia since their appearance at the now-dormant V Festival back in 2007.

The band make...

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