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Nazi Germany

Posted 3 Oct 2011 @ 10:11am

Back to Back are a company known for their confronting approach to performance, and their latest offering, Ganesh Versus the Third Reich, is no exception. The play generated much controversy before its premiere, with the Council of Indian Australians calling to have it removed from the Melbourne Festival programme. Yet the very concerns that the Council have raised are central to Back to Back’...

Posted 27 Sep 2011 @ 12:37pm

Copyright laws are pretty handy when it comes to Vanilla Ice stealing Queen and Bowie’s Under Pressure beat, rapping something about ice and babies on top of it and raking in the cash. Unfortunately, they’re not so great when it comes to ancient, religious symbols being misappropriated by angry, fascist groups. Nowadays, if you see the swastika, you’re probably going to think about racist...

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