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Posted 8 Feb 2012 @ 2:28pm


So last week was a bit epic, what with Big Day Out and then all the ensuing sideshows. I acted like a most mature adult and ditched the whole festival thing and bee-lined straight to the Sidney Myer Music Bowl sideshows. My wallet still hates me for it. So Mariachi El Bronx were excellent on Monday night but they weren’t quite The Bronx, ya know? And then I was finally one of the...

Posted 19 Jan 2012 @ 1:44pm


Well well well. Look what we have here. A Refused reunion . For years now I’ve been hearing rumours about the substantial sums of money Coachella have been offering similar seminal bands to forget their past indiscretions and reform for the festival. Apparently with each new year the offers become more and more generous, making it harder and harder for bands to resist the urge. At The...

Posted 9 Nov 2011 @ 4:53pm



Whipped Cream Chargers 

Define your genre in five words or less:


Post-Coital Punk. Dole-Wop.

How long have you been gigging and writing? 


We've been playing together for about three years now. We started gigging quite early on and have played a fuckload of shows.

What has been...

Posted 14 Oct 2011 @ 12:55pm

Since the stellar lineup for one of Australia’s favourite festivals, Future Music, landed on Monday morning, you’ve hopefully had the chance to catch up with your mates and discuss who exactly you’re most excited to catch when it powers through Melbourne. 


 We thought we’d put out a friendly community announcement so that you make sure to get there along with us - presale...

Posted 21 Jun 2011 @ 10:08am

Is there anything more definitively Melbourne than music and footy? How about a Nick Cave-themed footy match pitting Paul Kelly-coached musos against stars of community radio, topped off with a set by the venerable Tim Rogers? At a pre-match press conference at a Northcote coffee shop, Megahertz captain Jess McGuire, Rockdogs vice-captain Jo Syme (of Big Scary), and Community Cup organiser...

Posted 10 Feb 2011 @ 9:45am
Posted 20 Jan 2011 @ 1:57pm
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