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Posted 26 Jul 2011 @ 1:37pm

The perennial titans of funk rock have managed, yet again, to write an interesting and effective single. Raindance Maggie is an easy going tune with a bouncing bass line and twanging notes of lap steel, cow bell beats and a hearty singalong chorus - a light-hearted, immediately likeable song that illustrates why RHCP have survived for so long.

Posted 5 Jul 2011 @ 12:39pm

Soup, soup, a tasty soup!

Spicy carrot and coriander!

Crouton! Crouton!

Crunchy friends in a tasty broth.


And there you have it. Some of the more poignant and resonating words the Mighty Boosh came up with; a homage to my favourite winter staple. Soup isn't just another...
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