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Laura Jean

Posted 26 Jun 2014 @ 12:38pm


Immediate in its intimacy, First Love Song brims with melancholic rawness. The lyrics could come across as saccharine sweet, but instead they’re delivered with an affecting frailty that cuts right to the bone. Laura Jean’s self-titled debut out this August.

Posted 20 Nov 2012 @ 12:41pm

The night closed with the reformation of The Crayon Fields. Has it really been that long? They sounded great, encapsulating the era in which they existed, if it’s not too early to look back on it as an era. Geoffrey O’Connor slipped back from his karaoke aesthetic and into pristine guitar-pop frontman guise effortlessly.


Standish/Carlyon rued their truncated set after being...

Posted 3 Nov 2011 @ 8:56am

Make no mistake about it, Laura Jean is a proud Australian. But she understands that as great as her country may be, it's not without faults. Her opinion is no more evident than on Australia , one of the more poignant tracks from her latest full-length, A Fool Who'll . It's a defiant track for the normally reserved folk chanteuse, but Jean insists it was necessary for her to speak her mind....

Posted 15 Sep 2011 @ 11:33am

Laura Jean’s third album, A fool who’ll, is a little like a Melbourne weather report; ‘dark clouds forming, sunny at times with rain easing’. Just like a day in our wonderful city, this experience is rich and enjoyable.


Most notable to the sound of A fool who’ll is Laura Jean’s newly-utilised electric guitar which leads a variety of stringed instruments, horns,...

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