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Posted 23 Nov 2011 @ 10:42am

So then, w hat's the band name and what do you 'do' in the band?

A Million Dead Birds Laughing. Guitar.


W hat do you reckon people will say you sound like?


A Million Dead Birds Laughing… or shit.


What do you love about making music?


Absolutely everything.


What do...

Posted 10 Nov 2011 @ 10:01am

In many ways, the Ups and Downs story - recounted dryly in drummer Darren Atkinson's liner notes to the newOut of the Darkness compilation - is no different to thousands of other independent bands: early popular success, a whiff of overseas interest, injection of label funds, a change in artistic direction, dilution of original fanbase, popular decline and eventual break-up. Like the band's...

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