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Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Posted 19 Sep 2012 @ 5:40am

I’m utterly incapacitated this week and unable to string a coherent sentence together so please forgive any rampant misuse of the English language in today’s column. Instead I’ll copy a post from Poison City Records’ Facebook page wherein they celebrated (and rightly so) the Poison City Weekender’s raging success- not just in orchestrating a bunch of bands, but in highlighting why Melbourne is...

Posted 12 Sep 2012 @ 9:59am

The seminal Canadian post-rock outfit Godspeed You! Black Emperor have announced a Melbourne sideshow to accompany their appearance at the sold out ATP 'I'll Be Your Mirror.


Formed in 1994 as a solo musical outlet for Efrim Menuck, GY!BE quickly grew to a core group of nine members and in 1997 they released their debut album F#A#8. Since, then they’ve gone on to release 3...

Posted 10 Aug 2012 @ 12:47am

All Tomorrow's Parties have revealed that they'll be returning to Australia under the I'll Be Your Mirror banner with a lineup curated by themselves and The Drones.


The Saturday February 16 lineup (curated by ATP) features My Bloody Valentine, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Swans, The Dead C, HTRK, Thee Oh Sees, Sleepy Sun and Standish Carlyon.


The Sunday February...

Posted 12 Apr 2012 @ 12:19pm

So then, what’s the band name and what do you ‘do’ in the band?

Spell House (formerly known as Frames) are four guys creating bizarre sounds in a shed out the back of the drummer's house. Sometimes we begrudgingly recreate these noises in a live setting for people to listen.


What do you think people will say you sound like?

People tend to come away...

Posted 15 Sep 2011 @ 11:29am

Though released independently, Soklyri’s debut EP actually falls under the banner of the excellent Bird’s Robe Collective. An amalgam of label, management and promoter, the BRC are helping promote and develop the blossoming progressive and experimental rock scene in Australia.


Solkyri fit beautifully with the collective’s manifesto and fall squarely under the post-rock umbrella...

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