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George Harrison

Posted 27 Apr 2012 @ 3:37pm

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Bob Dylan’s debut The Basement Birds, Eskimo Joe’s Kav Temperley, Josh Pyke, Jebediah’s Kevin Mitchell, Holly Throsby, and Patience Hodgson will be accompanied by a six-piece band under the musical direction of Even’s Ash Naylor, are teaming up for a tour in honour of Bob Dylan, performing an array of songs from right across...

Posted 13 Apr 2012 @ 10:36am


While the collective musical world awaits the follow-up to Grizzly Bear’s Veckatimest with baited breath, their members have instead spent the downtime working on various other projects. The latest of which is this tidy little EP from guitarist/vocalist Daniel Rossen.


It’d be natural to assume that Silent Hour/Golden Mile is merely an extension of his dayjob with one...

Posted 11 Apr 2012 @ 3:11pm


Ex-Fleet Foxes drummer J Tillman has emerged from the chrysalis all hot and snarky and hypnotic, kicking off his retooled solo career under the moniker Father John Misty. Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings is the second single released from his forthcoming album Fear Fun (out April 27) and it has been on super high rotation on all my iDevices since I saw him play some very odd but oddly...

Posted 29 Feb 2012 @ 4:54pm


So then, what’s the band name and what do you ‘do’ in the band?
The name of the band is The Millionaires, and I, Jordan Cade, sing and play the gitfiddle.


Bearing the terrible clichéd nature of this question, what do you reckon people will say you sound like?
We usually get compared to mainstream bands like Eve 6, Greenday, and Lit.


What do...

Posted 10 Aug 2011 @ 10:33am

There's nothing that anybody loves more than music and technology. Or maybe that's just me and I assume that everybody else feels the same. But what would happen when those two elements cross-combine? Tim Wakefield has the answer to that.


Based in London, he has created Soundwaves art – a new and unique art form that combines music and technology by capturing the digital...

Posted 29 Jul 2011 @ 10:04am

For well over twenty years, Kiwi Jon Toogood's almost exclusive musical domain has been the band he formed, the mighty Shihad. But recently things have changed a little for him in this respect. Whilst Shihad continues to power on unabated, recently having released a very strong album in Ignite and remaining one of the biggest noises on the Australian live rock scene, Jon recently took on a...

Posted 29 Apr 2011 @ 11:56am


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