Friday November

Posted 20 Dec 2011 @ 12:08pm

In March this year, HTRK's original bassist Sean Stewart committed suicide. However six months later, the band continued as a duo and released their second album Work (work, work). The band hadn't toured their town-of-origin for five years, though have now returned to Melbourne and with the help of Mistletone (who were also celebrating their 5th birthday), St Michael's Uniting Church played...

Posted 6 Dec 2011 @ 1:29pm

Ah, Melbourne. We love you. And then you go and have an annual Music Week in November, and we love you just that little bit more.


For a select period of time throughout November, Melbourne Music Week took over a significant part of our city, our airwaves, our television sets and, for some, even our lives. As part of...

Posted 29 Nov 2011 @ 11:21am

It wouldn't be fair to call Straight To You a tribute show. While Nick Cave is still alive and well, it'd be more apt to dub Straight To You a 'Celebration of Life'. Cave's influence is far-reaching enough that a variety of Australian artists, spanning across genres, came together under the guidance of Cameron Bruce for a Friday night that will easily be etched in the memory of everyone in...

Posted 17 Nov 2011 @ 9:21am

A film festival with a difference? The Stop Violence Against Women Film Festival is a two-day festival showcasing dramas and documentaries as means of exploring current human right issues faced by women.


The projection of women rights by Amnesty International's Victoria Women's team at Melbourne's Cinema Nova in November will bring stories from all around the world in order to...

Posted 16 Nov 2011 @ 10:54am

So then, what's the band name and what do you 'do' in the band?

She Said You. I'm Simon Marafioti, drummer.


Bearing the terrible clichéd nature of this question, what do you reckon people will say you sound like ?

Hopefully, "a great band that I want to see again..."


What do you love about making music?


Posted 11 Nov 2011 @ 10:44am

So then, what's the band name and what do you 'do' in the band?

Rich Davies & The Devil's Union, my name is Rich and I assume the role of singer-songwriter- guitarist.


Bearing the terrible clichéd nature of this question, what do you reckon people will say you sound like?


It can be dirty and pretty. It's difficult to say, somewhere...

Posted 2 Nov 2011 @ 10:55am

Is there anything in this world more fucking painful and debilitating that FOMO? For those less not familiar with this totally hip, young vernacular, it's netspeak (hahaha, that's something my mum says) for Fear Of Missing Out. Right now I have the most crushing case known to man and it's quite devastating. 


You see, a small fraction of my friends and loved ones are presently...

Posted 12 Sep 2011 @ 8:43pm

Face The Music – a yearly non-profit music conference with over 70 expert presenters including some of Australia’s most influential artist managers – is returning for its fourth year. Face The Music offers the Victorian music community a summit for professional and creative career development through presentations, discussions, networking and practical workshops.


Some of the...

Posted 20 Jan 2011 @ 12:22pm
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