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Death Metal

Posted 26 Apr 2012 @ 2:44pm

After three long torturous years, death metals titanic kings Cannibal Corpse are returning to Australia for a sarcophagic frenzy of sordid and demented proportions. 



Their new ceaselessly hostile album release Torture, proves that when it comes to combining unrestrained maliciousness, involved song writing and technical precision, they still have no...

Posted 10 Apr 2012 @ 10:37am

Define your genre in five words or less: Chaotic Australian Thrash Metal.


When’s the gig and with who?

Unholy Good Friday is being massacred on Friday April 6 from 6pm by six of the most ungodly Thrash Metal acts in Australia. Hobb's Angel of Death are possibly the biggest cult metal act to ever come out of Australia, and right beside them are recently re-activated...

Posted 29 Feb 2012 @ 10:13am


Blackened may be a new force in the Melbourne metal scene, but the long haired thrashers have already earned their stripes in bands like Stiff Meat, Attack and Maniaxe. The benefits of this experience are instantly obvious. Their music is tight, to the point and free of any wishy-washy filler which can plague a first release.
The Sense In Violence is pure thrash. It comes out...

Posted 19 Jan 2012 @ 1:06pm

You know you're a true party animal when the rave you throw along with your mates racks up more than $100,000 dollars in fines for violating noise and city ordinances. Bassnectar – the alias of dubstep and electronica producer Lorin Ashton – has, sadly, experienced this. To be fair, though, if you've ever been subjected to the Bassnectar live experience, you'd probably agree it was worth it,...

Posted 12 Oct 2011 @ 10:17am


Soooo, how about that Soundwave lineup, innit. You've already forgotten how bad that lot fucked you over with the Revolution debacle, haven't you? As well you should. You're an easily swayed sort and probably taste your own butthole when you think no-one is looking. Everyone loves the '90s and early naughties, which is what we're gonna be aurally feasting upon in...

Posted 30 Sep 2011 @ 9:22am

Not much can be said about the illustrious history of this most iconic and interesting of metal bands that hasn’t already been said. Suffice it is to say that they have been making truly unique progressively orientated metal music for over two decades now, and their reputation truly precedes them.


The present and immediate future of Opeth is extremely interesting however. They...

Posted 29 Sep 2011 @ 9:09am

There’s no shortage of ways to describe Jesse Hughes. As the frontman of Eagles of Death Metal, he’s a charismatic performer who can captivate a crowd with his bravado. Eagles of Death Metal partner in crime Josh Homme has described Hughes simply as the “fucking devil.” And as Boots Electric, the moniker used for Honkey Kong, his debut solo record, Hughes is funky, bouncy and sexually-charged...

Posted 13 Jul 2011 @ 2:26pm



The end of the world through song, every week by Toby McCasker. Email: the.metalocalypse@gmail.com , Twitter: twitter.com/jane_tobes


Bit of bitching and moaning over this F!*K the Politics show coming up at The Espy on August 13th. See, the booker's got both metal bands and hardcore bands on for the same...

Posted 12 Jul 2011 @ 2:57pm

If you swap over the F and the C [in my name] I'm sure you'll get a nice surprise, had you not already worked it out." Yes, the man known professionally as FuntCase has a dirty mind. Good thing for us that vulgarity is translated within his ground shaking music. In the grand tradition of such mysterious figures as Jason Voorhees, this crazy Funt sports a rather creepy mask whenever he's in the...

Posted 30 May 2011 @ 11:25am

The last time we saw alphabetically-inclined Floridian metallers Morbid Angel 'round these parts was in '09. The thing is, if modern technology would get its arse into gear, we could see them every weekend vomiting gore into the stale pensioner air of the Northcote RSL.


"I mean, fuckin' Star Trek, man," starts bassist and vocalist David Vincent. "Everything that they've come...


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