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Posted 6 Dec 2011 @ 11:05am

Noah Taylor is best known for his exploits on screen. In 1987 Taylor starred with Loene Carmen in The Year My Voice Broke; while the film gathered its share of awards and popular acclaim, it also led indirectly to the genesis of Taylor's career as a musician. A couple of years later Taylor formed a country and western band, Honky Tonk Angels, alongside Carmen playing "country covers before...

Posted 21 Nov 2011 @ 9:36am

Language barriers make understanding someone more difficult than any of us would like. But when that person has such a passion in their voice, it's hard to ignore it. Speaking with me about the new experimental collaboration, Visible Sounds , Ethio-Jazz musician, Daniel Atlaw confessed that, without this opportunity, he doesn't believe that he'd be where he is...

Posted 3 Nov 2011 @ 8:56am

Make no mistake about it, Laura Jean is a proud Australian. But she understands that as great as her country may be, it's not without faults. Her opinion is no more evident than on Australia , one of the more poignant tracks from her latest full-length, A Fool Who'll . It's a defiant track for the normally reserved folk chanteuse, but Jean insists it was necessary for her to speak her mind....

Posted 15 Sep 2011 @ 9:17am

When it comes to music the phrase ‘industry showcase’ does not sound exciting. Men in suits, probably with ponytails and giant ‘90s mobile phones spring to mind. Thankfully over the past few years they are turning into a more public friendly affair. South By Southwest is perhaps the best known industry event, great for bands and drinking and good-times but has become a victim of it’s own...

Posted 7 Sep 2011 @ 6:55am

“From the moment you get up in the morning,” says Graham ‘Asho’ Ashton, talking about the very morning this magazine was delivered to Melbourne, “across about eight blocks in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, from 9am to 4am, all the freaky people are on the street. Straight away it’s clear that something different is going on; there are thousands of creative souls walking the streets. Everywhere...

Posted 8 Sep 2011 @ 10:02am

Incredible local buzz band New Empire are delighted to announce that they will take to the road for a national headline tour this October and November to support the release of their anticipated new album Symmetry, which will drop on Friday 16 September.


The mesmerizing four-piece band have been making waves in the Australian music scene over the past twelve months; having...

Posted 24 Aug 2011 @ 4:33pm

Smoking hot burgeoning soul singer Lanie Lane has proven to be one of the country's hottest musical properties this year, a status that is sure to be solidified by the announcement of her brand new album and national tour.


To The Horses marks the full-length debut from the sultry Sydney-based songwriter, who was famously hand-picked by none other than Jack White to record a 7"...

Posted 10 Aug 2011 @ 10:33am

It always seems to be the people behind the lens that give us an insight into what happens on stage. But it's high-time that we take a step back and really give photographers their time to shine!


Splitting the Seconds: A Photographer's Journal is leading Australian rock photojournalist Dane Beesley's backstage account on ten years behind the lens.
The book is an...

Posted 1 Jul 2011 @ 8:43am

We all did it when we were young, lovestruck and socially-awkward teenagers, right? 


Mixtapes carefully crafted and put together with utmost of care and passed on to our romantic interests with the hopes that they’d get the message through a delightful mix of dreamy romanticism and Thom Yorke-esque plaintiveness? Was that just me? Whatever.


Our mates over at...

Posted 15 Feb 2011 @ 2:36pm
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