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Posted 11 Nov 2011 @ 10:33am

In a newly renovated building in Sturt Street, Patrick McCarthy sips from a drink bottle with his name printed on it. Around him, in the brand new rehearsal space, young actors are preparing for their imminent performance and Melbourne Theatre Company Associate Director Aidan Fennessy is immersed in his work. McCarthy absorbs the atmosphere. For him, being selected as Assistant Director of ...

Posted 7 Sep 2011 @ 4:44am


A beautiful track from Husky Gawenda and company, warm and earnest indie folk with a trembling reach. It reminds me - as this kind of thing always reminds me - of an album by a band called The Unbelievable Truth, which featured Thom Yorke's less talented but marginally better looking brother, Andy. Similarly sweet and adult contemporary-leaning, though significantly less nineties in...

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