Zoe Broughton talks gestation periods and puppies in 'The Best of The School of Hard Knock Knocks'

Tell us about your show. An unflinchingly honest yet light-hearted portrayal of a human and canine pregnancy. The show asks the questions we have, until now, been too afraid to ask – how does IVF in humans compare with AI (Artificial Insemination) in standard poodles? 

The idea for the show was born when… I learnt I was pregnant at the same time as my dog Sassy. Pregnancy and IVF threw up so many strange and funny moments, I thought the best way to deal with them was to write and perform my first comedy show.  

What does your show teach the audience? That a human pregnancy lasts for 9 months, a dogs for 9 weeks, however many of the lessons are the same. As my vet said, “Put the bitch first.”

Can you share a moment your cast has always remembered? I had a very fixed view that I should be carried on stage in a gold chair by four men wearing tuxedos. At a pinch, I thought they could wear tuxedo t-shirts. They flatly refused. 

Who are your biggest influences? They are many and varied – Ali Wong, Wanda Sykes, Bernie Mac, Anne Edmonds, Stewart Lee, Gina Riley, Magda Szubanksi, Jane Turner, Amy Schumer.

Does your show have any audience participation? The extent of the participation will be dependent upon the flexibility, courage and intelligence of the crowd.  If they are worthy they will be called upon to demonstrate that worth. All I can say is be ready.

Venue: The Moat
Dates: Friday April 6
Tickets: $20 - $25