Yianni Agisilaou : The Un-Pinchable Pink Pen


After being told by a friend that she purposely buys pink pens as a means of stopping men in her office from stealing them, Melbourne native Yianni Agisilaou becomes perplexed and astonished by this notion and falls down the rabbit hole of the bizarre rules, double standards and ridiculous expectations that are lobbed at both sexes by society.
This is the world Agisilaou explores and deconstructs with The Un-Pinchable Pink Pen, a show that he first performed at the Adelaide Fringe Festival before bringing it to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. In the show he traverses gender based material ranging from women’s preference for taller men, whether the ‘women and children first’ rule still applies and breaking down the myth of women’s intuition.
While it’s become somewhat common these days to see performers approaching issues of gender and equality within their shows, Agisilaou approaches his material in a uniquely animated and jovial way that helps build a warm relationship with the audience and keeps the material seeming fresh and fun.
Agisilaou is rather clever with his material. While gender politics is a hot button issue, he never makes the mistake of becoming overly political or preachy with what he’s saying, always managing to turn the microscope onto himself rather than the opposite gender. Thereby, he allows his comedy to come from himself and his anecdotes rather than some blanket observations about the different genders.
Agisilaou clearly loves comedy and performs with his whole heart, creating a sincere and inviting environment as soon as he opens his mouth that the audience quickly embraces. While The Un-Pinchable Pink Pen doesn’t break new ground in terms of analysing gender politics in a comedic sense, it does have fun with it’s premise and shines a humorous light onto some of the otherwise unnoticed double standards that exist between men and women (pockets being a major one).
By Chris Swan