World Vegan Day will be bigger than ever before this year

Publicly declaring "I'm vegan" is strongly encouraged.

Vegans rejoice! World Vegan Day will be bigger than ever this year on Sunday October 14.

The free event, hosted at Melbourne Showgrounds, will feature stalls, food stands, art exhibitions and fashion shows. Chef Na, World Vegan Day's queen of Thai produce, says veganism is a responsibility to care about the lives of others.

"Being vegan is like a peaceful call-to-arms, for something is not right and we are here to lead the way toward a compassionate future where food is also medicine, and other forms of consciousness are respected as living entities with a right to live right alongside us, and not for us," Na said.

Despite the animal-friendly attitude, unfortunately pets are not allowed in the Melbourne Showgrounds — so please keep the dogs at home.

Visit the World Vegan Day website for more information.