Tell us about Work-Shop and what you are looking to achieve? Have you ever had the desire to learn the ins and outs of hand lettering, wanted to make your own Kombucha or even give taxidermy a crack? Well, that’s where Work-Shop comes in. Our aim is to help you unleash your inner awesome through affordable short courses taught by a rockstar lineup of artists, makers, foodies and life experts. Our short courses are designed for the commitment-phobes and the time poor. From welding and street art to digital illustration and pasta making, you will walk away after only a few hours with a new skill and some pretty rad Instagram snaps.
What are some quirky classes that have really taken off? We pride ourselves on curating really interesting classes that you can’t learn anywhere else so we’ve had some very alternative ones. Some of the most popular have been taxidermy, tantra, illustration for weirdos and neon life drawing. 
Why is it important to learn new things? We believe you should treat your brain like a muscle and make sure that it gets plenty of exercise for optimal performance. We’re like a gym for the creative side of your brain. Learning new things helps sharpen your skills, provides you with confidence, opens up new possibilities and most of all, it’s loads of fun. People tend to forget how cool it is to learn something new, especially as we get a little older.

Find Work-Shop Melbourne at 195 Argyle Street, Fitzroy.