Winter Trivia Special: Lulie Street Tavern

Meet one of Melbourne's favourite trivia nights, with two of Melbourne's best hosts. 

Tell us about your trivia night and what makes it tick. Lulie St Tavern’s pub trivia is for people that spend their time trawling through their news feeds half reading ostensibly interesting articles and intermittently switching their Spotify playlist between trap music, ambient electro and (mostly) ‘90s rock. 

Who’s the host? Dan Watt and Brendan Esmore.

What prizes are on offer? $100 voucher.

What drinks specials can I get on the night? Lulie’s ridiculous happy hour has extended from 8pm until 9pm, and we offer $7 pints and $10 house cocktails. Plus, there’s booze give-aways throughout the rounds.  

What food is dished up on trivia night? Your choice of Rita's Pizza and Kelso's Sandwich Shoppe.

What's the best thing you've ever seen at one of your trivia nights? I reckon it was the ostensibly off-putting situation when a team requested a “How well do you know: Placebo” round for the following week, then that team proceeded not to rock up. The plus side was that all the other teams remembered Placebo were actually a pretty good band and Dan realised he could now go to BANG! and pick up a goth.

Lulie St Tavern is located at 225 Johnston Street, Abbotsford. They’ll be throwing their Four Decades of Music trivia night on Wednesday July 11 and you can make a booking now by calling 0437 626 885 or emailing hello@lulietavern.com